The Surprising Figure Dominating the 2024 Republican Primary Race, It’s WHO You Think

A new survey has found that former President Donald Trump is leading the 2024 GOP primary race with a significant 28-point lead over Governor Ron DeSantis.

If the primary were held today, more than half of potential Republican primary voters would support Trump, while only 26% would back DeSantis.

This “rally around” effect is believed to be due to the potential indictment of the former president.

The survey also found that DeSantis is the second choice of 46% of those who are supporting Trump, while 43% of DeSantis’ supporters view Trump as their backup option.

These numbers are crucial in testing electability, a vital issue in party primaries, particularly this time around due to concerns about Trump’s baggage and whether the GOP should focus on maintaining Trump’s coalition or expanding its base.