The SURPRISING Enemies Trump Identifies in His Latest Rally, You’ll Never Believe Who

President Donald Trump gave an electrifying rally in Waco, TX, over the weekend where he delivered a passionate speech railing against the political establishment.

At one point during his address, he made a bold claim that high-level politicians working in the United States government are a greater threat to the country than foreign adversaries like China and Russia.

Trump specifically called out Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Joe Biden, and the Justice Department, stating that they are “poisoning our country.” He further argued that these individuals pose a greater danger to American democracy than any external threat.

While Trump’s comments may have been met with some criticism, his sentiment is not without precedent.

There have been growing concerns in recent years about the influence of money and special interests in politics, and many Americans believe that the political establishment is no longer serving the needs of the people.

Whether or not these concerns are warranted, it is clear that there is a growing sense of distrust toward the political elite in America.