The Presidential Election That Will Make HISTORY, You’ll Be Stunned

Hey there, fellow Americans! Are you ready for some good news? Well, here it is: President Biden has announced his plan to run for re-election in 2024! Hooray! Wait, what’s that? More than half of Democrats don’t want him to run again because of his age. Oh, that’s not good.

Experts like Rich Lowry from the National Review suggest that Biden’s political genius is not provoking strong negative emotions because no one, in particular, thinks of him as being in charge or as having anything interesting to say.

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. While he’s had some successes, like passing a COVID relief bill and infrastructure law, he’s also faced significant challenges like the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and border issues.

But let’s not forget the good stuff! Biden wants to fight for our freedoms and democracy, and he’s got Kamala Harris and Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson on his side.

And he’s really concerned about MAGA extremists taking our bedrock freedoms away, cutting Social Security, and telling people who they can love. Yikes, we don’t want any of that!

So, can a minor presence like Biden win again in 2024? Or will a younger GOP nominee have a significant advantage? Only time will tell, my friends.