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After years of demanding that President Trump release his taxes to the public, Nancy Pelosi feels otherwise about her own.

House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi is perhaps the biggest hypocrite in Congress.

For the better part of two years Pelosi has squawked and squealed about wanting President Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

She even sponsored a bill, H.R. 1, that would require presidential candidates in 2020 and beyond (read President Trump) to release their tax returns.

But lo and behold, guess who has not released their tax returns for the American citizens to review.

If you guessed Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House and third in line for the presidency, you are correct.

Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Drew Hammill told CNSNews that Pelosi “will gladly release her tax returns if and when she runs for president.”

As she is about to be 79-years-old next month the prospect of her running for president is highly unlikely.

But, as stated, she is third in line for the presidency and if she wants others to show their tax returns she should lead by example. asked Speaker Pelosi’s Press Spokesperson Taylor Griffin and Communications Director Ashley Etienne these questions:

H.R. 1, which Speaker Nancy Pelosi supports, would require the president and vice president to release their current tax return and their tax returns from the last 9 years. It states: “With respect to each taxable year for an individual who is the President or Vice President, not later than the due date for the return of tax for the taxable year, such individual shall submit to the Federal Election Commission a copy of the individual’s income tax returns for the taxable year and for the 9 preceding taxable years.”

Here are my questions:

1. Does Speaker Pelosi support legally requiring the speaker of the House to release his or her tax returns?

2. Will Speaker Pelosi release her tax returns for this year and the previous 9 years? Yes or no?

“H.R. 1 would legally require the president and vice president to release their tax returns. Should House Speaker Pelosi be required to release her tax returns? Yes or no?” CNS News asked Rep. Hakeem Jeffries on Feb. 13.

“Well, that’s a question that I think you should direct to Speaker Pelosi,” Rep. Jeffries said.




  1. Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite, rules for everyone but herself. Yes, should release her taxes under the same policy in effect of presidential candidates since she speaker of the house.

  2. From my point of view,if the ol’ skank had another brain,it would lonely!! she belongs in a pasture out grazing w/rest of ol’ senile sheep! We owe it to all people in U Sof A to impeach this nasty ol’ bitch & make all happy. It’a time to step down “Peeeee loooosey! “Martinie gannini’ “Spec. Op’s “Nam’,1967/1970

  3. In my opinion, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is NOT the president and therefore has NO Requirement to expose her tax returns. She is certainly not under investigation for anything but the President certainly is!!!!! I’m sure that if she were to ever become President of the U.S. she would enlighten us to her tax returns!!!!!

  4. Any person running for election to a federally elected position (Congressional seat or Senator, etc.) should be required to submit their taxes to prevent further influence pedaling

  5. Pelosi is great at GIVING AMERICA orders but she HIDES HER OWN LIFESTYLE
    She has a WALL, GUARDS, guns, ammo etc To protect her loved ones but she DOESNT CARE ONE IOTA about YOU or anyone else.
    All about Pelosi. She needs to be impeached now All about HER CONTROL of YOU!!!
    Get rid of pelosi

  6. All politicians should release their tax returns and then maybe all who become rich or millionaires after being in congress will have to answer how that happened. Pelosi and Schumer should be first if they want Trumps. We citizens could care less about Trumps tax returns but we would like to know how senators get rich in the WH.

  7. I also think 2 terms for senators and congress is enough. If that is all that a president can serve that should be enough for others.

  8. Yes, I believe anyone including Senators, Congress, Legislators should come up with their last 9 years of taxes due to working for the public.
    Let the people see100 percent transparency . So we know who is in the up an up.

  9. To the Speaker of the house, and your Muslim Anti-Semitic Freshman, you will not take this Great President down you are loser’s all the way, the time has come where we need border control and you all know it, Wall’s are ment to keep loved one in and bad one’s out. To you (Pelosi) it’s all about VOTE’S and power, Nancy Pelosi you and your Muslim follower’s will not take away our Great leader President Trump from what is right for America. your day’s are over and you will see in 20/20, Socialist will never become in America this Wall will be built and what you should be doing is let’s support our call yourself a leader act like it Im from Alaska you would not be worth $1 dollar in Alaska we read into your Red-rick loud and clear get off your high horse and let this Great President lead are country, in case you didn’t know we have a booming economy if I were you Alexandria Ocasio Cortez will have your job in 20/20 (Pelosi) you are a liberal (Cortez) she is a socialist and communist muslim Dictator So to our Great President Donald J Trump up hear in Alaska we will alway’s support you. Pelosi you will lose take your stolen million and get out of town AMERICA doe’s not like you .

  10. It has not been required for Presidents in the past to release their tax returns , maybe everybody who is in Government should be required to release their taxes!

    • Absolutely. If they have nothing to hide what’s the problem? I’ll tell you what I’m quite sure it is. They are embarrassed and ashamed how much grossly more they have compared to the common folk and afraid they might be humiliated and have demands put on them to share it with the new United Welfare States of America they are trying so desperately trying to create! And they certainly don’t want to have to do that. But they’re really not too worried THEY will have to share. After all they will just create another law stating they are exempt. Remember: those who make the law are above the law.
      PS: I see A.Oh! Cortez/Chavez had no problem “movin’ on up to the East Side to a deluxe apartment in the sky” leaving behind her fellow constituents whom she claimed she was just like because she couldn’t afford a fancy place either. Boy she left them like a sinking ship first chance she got, didn’t she? So why is ANYONE SUCKERED into believing she’d keep any promises she makes…..not even the doable ones. The pie-in-the-sky ones any one with half a brain should be able to figure out are lies from the get-go and just ploys to get elected.
      Remember folks that you only need to elect a socialist government once. After that, even when you finally do realize you’ve been duped by masters of deception, it will be too late. The elections after that will only give the illusion of being free.

  11. They should also list all business’s and asset’s their involved in so we can see if they have been given government contracts or special favors.

  12. Lets hope Hillary and the other Dems finally get investigated for all the manipulated tactics and lieing they did are doing and continue to do.
    It is so in our face, in black and white they must think people are Stupid.
    If Muller doesnt point this out in his report and action isnt taken them shame on all

  13. I am glad to know it is not only my thoughts that don’t get posted!! Mike if you find out pass it on because it would not even allow me to post a reply to you so I doubt this will reach anyone. Botox bitch will never give up her tax reports because she can’t even explain how her employees in the fields she has don’t even get minimum wage. Could they possibly not be legal????

  14. I love this BS of not posting my comments and I am even blocked from casting any votes. Guess it’s time to get a new email address.

  15. Those making demands need to offer up their own tax returns first. Nancy and Chuck are trying to lead the parade from the sidelines. Step up and show what you’re made of and how you got so rich on our (then taxpayers) backs. Trump didn’t get rich by under the table political deals. Let’s see what you did to “earn” yours.

  16. Nancy Pelosi is a fool! She needs to be exiled to an island that no one can find after she has once landed. It is hard for most of us to imagine that someone with her deficits and sheer incompetence is anywhere within reach of our once great Federal Government. We should be calling for her termination immediately!

  17. I have one question why do we not hear the crying for all the aborted & or killed babies in & out of the womb from the Democrats but there are so many crying for the children separated @ the border? It seems fake to me. How do u kill babies & never shed a tear is beyond me?

  18. While you’re at it, relinquish Congressional and Senatorial retirement plans that pay for your retirement with my taxes after only 4 years. My military time (22 years active duty) was earned. How do you earn yours after only 4?

  19. Let’s face it, Pelosi or Schumer will never release their TAX returns is because they know that the income from their congressional pay will not reflect their enormous bank accounts that are over inflated from money that comes under the table from special interest. This not only is exclusive to Pelosi & Schumer but includes two thirds of congress. Make them all show their TAX returns, & I bet that most will resign before they will ever do that. That said we will never see that happen because they themselves would have to cut their own throats. The same goes for term limits for congress. NEVER HAPPEN!!!! I think there should be a NATIONAL REFERENDUM for us, the tax payer, to decide if there should be term limits & who discloses their tax returns. MAGA

  20. Why in the world would she want 10 years worth of tax returns? That makes no since at all but if you make t for one you should have to make it for all elected officials that includes you Nancy and Schumer.

  21. Because of all the uproar spouted by Pelosi over these past two plus years, I think that anyone who has aspirations of getting into political office should indeed let the American people see their Tax status for all of us to see. This goes for Pelosi, Maxine Waters and all the Democratic Party Politicians. This goes for Republicans, Social Democrats, Independent etc. That goes for Congress, House of Representatives and the Senate. Also, I would like to know of their friendship to their Lobbyist and to pointed them out. This is one of the main reasons, I believe, why there is so much HATRED about our President Trump. He comes from money through his parents, he worked hard and he has NO ONE to owe his gratitude. Lets face it, the democratic party has moved so far left and I am sorry to say that I was brought up a democratic because, as my father drilled into our minds that,”The democratic party is the party of the working people”. Now, lets think about the number of people who were democrats and who own slaves way back when.
    Jesus asked the men who were willing to stone a woman because of her prostitution this one question…”Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”….No one did and they walked away. We were taught to love one and other and to love those who hate us. It isn’t the MEGA Hats that bother us, it is the greed, hatred, and repulsion that President has single handed, has made the economy rise to the highest level that we have never had before, the rise of jobs for anyone who wants a job, for our Veterans, the police and fireman, the coal miners etc. Hispanic, Blacks, and other people of skin color. Now he is embarking on his mission to visit with the North Korean Dictator the second time. He is helping the Venezuela with food, clothing and medicine in truck loads. The media has never told anyone about his wonderful acts because they are too filled with hatred. Imagine what he has accomplished in the two + years in office, with the media, and the “so called” stars of Hollywood who are constantly ridicule him and his whole family. Now just imagine what he can accomplish if those who hate him will just shut up. Thank you Mr. Trump. I am proud of you and your family. I hope that some of your children will continue in your shoes. You LOVE the USA and I am sorry to say, your enemies will never come to your table. But
    God is with you and so you will succeed. There are so many Christians and Muslin people who love you and pray for you every day. God Bless you and our beloved Country AMERICA. Semper Fidelis.

  22. Its time for all Americans to stand up to Pelosi and her illegal government Democrates. We are all for President Trump as he is for the people and the protection of the people. Pelosi is for herself and anything illegal. That’s how she is getting rich with her democratic losers. Look out Pelosi you will lose big time as we are not for you and your buddy’s in congress. President Trump clean out the swamp its getting awful stinky.

  23. If JFK were running for office today, he would be running as a republican hands down.
    I was young but totally aware of the politics of that era.
    You Pelosi Democrats are on a sinking ship that you are shooting holes in.
    You better hope you have life jackets.

  24. Did you hear NJ is trying to pass a law if you don’t show your tax returns you won’t be put on the 2020 presidential ballot. All to stop President Trump from being on the ballot. Please help!!!!!!!!!

  25. Far better for all who choose to run for President SHOULD BE VETTED LIKE A
    SUPREME COURT JUDGE or CABINET MEMBER or other posts that require
    Congressional approval!

  26. Well, Trump or Rep party needs to subpoena Pelosi’s taxes. What’s fair for the goose if fair for the gander! She won’t show them and she’s the is khauna who squeals about Trumps taxes. She is a total mess as far ask knowing what’s going on. Does she wear an ear piece her ear so people (daughter) can tell her what to say.? She has not idea what she says. AND THEN THOSE UGLY old wrinkled hands she flops around in people’s faces. that is insulting. She will not have a very positive legend in the records of her years of service. She is trying to take votes away and says she has a constitutional right? WHAT? They also need to call in Miss KNOW IT ALL, and tell her she doesn’t rule the democratic party, she isn’t old enough, and if she keeps up this hastiness they will do what is necessary to relive her of her seat. We, do not take orders frothier. She doesn’t have the IQ of a goat! And they are pretty smart!


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