The NEW Development In The Biden Beach SCANDAL That You Never Saw Coming

President Joe Biden’s recent financial move has raised concerns among Republicans as his son Hunter is under investigation for his tax affairs, and confidential documents have turned up from his time as vice president.

According to Fox News Digital, Biden secured a $250,000 line of credit against his Delaware beach house on Dec. 5, and the White House has remained silent on the matter despite repeated questions.

The timing of the financial move is noteworthy as it occurred as an investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs was ramping up. The investigation is based, in part, on suspicious activity reports involving foreign transactions.

Additionally, dozens of confidential documents from Biden’s time as vice president were discovered at his think tank’s office in Washington, D.C., and in his Delaware home’s garage.

The lack of transparency surrounding President Biden’s financial move is concerning to Republicans who are calling for him to be more forthcoming about his motivations for securing the line of credit. They are also urging him to address the investigations into his son’s tax affairs and the classified documents scandal.