The New Deal That’s Causing Quite a Stir, You Have To See This

Hey there, folks! Today, let’s dive into the buzz surrounding President Joe Biden’s defense spending. Hold on tight because we’re about to break it down in a way that even a high school senior can understand.

So, what’s the big fuss all about? Biden recently struck a debt deal with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, but Republicans are up in arms about the defense spending included in the agreement. They’re concerned that it falls short of what our nation’s fighting force needs to stay strong.

Biden, on the other hand, doesn’t seem too bothered by their worries. During a press briefing, he confidently brushed off the criticism, saying that his defense budget had already been approved. If there’s any urgent need for more funding, he’s certain it would get bipartisan approval.

But hold on a minute! Senator Lindsey Graham, a prominent Republican, isn’t buying it. He’s pledged to fight tooth and nail to “undo this catastrophe for defense.” Graham took to Twitter to express his frustration, calling the idea of compromising our national security “absurd.”

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the debt deal. The agreement includes a 3% increase in defense spending for the next year, which is lower than the current inflation rate. Nondefense spending will stay pretty much the same in the 2024 fiscal year, with a tiny bump the following year. And there’s a 2-year debt-limit increase thrown in there too.

But guess what? Republican Representative Rosendale is having none of it. He sees the $4 trillion debt deal as a slap in the face to the American people. He believes we shouldn’t compromise our national security, especially during these challenging times.

As the House Rules Committee gears up for the debate, Republicans are ready to make their voices heard. They’re determined to ensure our defense capabilities are strong and that our country remains secure.

So, there you have it, folks! The debate over Joe Biden’s defense spending rages on, with Republicans standing up for our national security. As the discussions continue, let’s keep a close eye on what unfolds in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Source Fox News