The Hidden Truth Behind Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Report, You Need To See This

It’s no secret that President Joe Biden’s handling of the botched Afghanistan withdrawal has been widely criticized. But did you know that some experts believe it could pave the way for another 9/11?

According to Sen. Lindsey Graham, the Biden administration’s claim that there are no terrorists in Afghanistan is a lie.

He pointed to the rise of ISIS-K and al-Qaeda in the region as evidence and warned that a “lethal cocktail” of danger is forming in the region, combined with the dangers of open-border policies domestically that could lead to another 9/11.

But it’s not just Republicans who are concerned. Even some Democrats have expressed worry about the situation.

Rep. Elaine Luria, D-Va., who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, recently told CNN that she believes the withdrawal was “chaotic and poorly planned.”

So what can we do to prevent another 9/11? Graham suggests reversing course on open-border policies domestically and being vigilant about the dangers posed by terrorists in Afghanistan.

It’s a difficult and complex situation, but we must do everything we can to ensure that another tragedy like 9/11 never happens again.