The Gag Order That Might Impact Trump’s Pursuit of Justice, This One Will Surprise You

Donald Trump was planning on delivering a speech on Tuesday addressing his recent indictment, but according to the Daily Mail, his lawyers have caught wind of an upcoming gag order to be put into effect on Monday. The order would essentially stop Trump from speaking about the case, which would include fundraising off of it.

This would be a big damper on Trump’s current plan to fight back, which has revolved around stirring public outrage. It would also be a move that further interferes with the 2024 presidential race. The former president’s biggest enemy is his own mouth, and the use of care is paramount in dealing with these criminal charges.

While some of his supporters may be angry with the gag order, it may ultimately help Trump in the long run. The best thing he could do right now is to stop talking about his legal issues and let his lawyers handle them.