Image credit: South China Morning Post

This is truly horrifying…

Billionaire Tom Steyer recently announced he will be running for president as a Democrat, but the reason for doing so is much darker.

It was recently uncovered that Tom Steyer was emailing John Podesta using pedophile code words to cover his tracks.

Q, who is alleged to be an individual or group of individuals within the government, who has Q-level security clearance. Q releases crucial secrets to prevent the deep state from destroying the country. Q has just suggested Tom Steyer is doing this so that he can claim he’s being attacked politically when information surfaces that Tom Steyer has actually had physical relations with underage children.

Now there is panic in D.C. due to Epstein being re-arrested. Notice Bill Clinton and Les Wexner (founder of L Brands, including Victoria’s Secret) have already put out public statements to distance themselves from Epstein.



  1. To Tom Steyer, go take your money and spend it on people you say how much you say you care for, or stay behind your fence, wall, barrier and stay scared of what you advocate.

  2. We are just about to find out who and how many Deep State Demonrats have been playing in the old swamp. Also at the same time trying to come up with all of the fake news and supposed corruption that our POTUS has been involved with. What we are going to find out or should is the number of high ranking officials or Democrats that have been lying to cover their own evil deeds or better sins. I think that most good Americans that give a shit know who we are talking about as well.


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