The Andrew Cuomo Saga Takes an Unexpected TURN

Charlotte Bennett, a former aide who accused ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment, has filed another lawsuit against New York State.

This suit focuses on the state’s responsibility for Cuomo’s actions and the inaction of his aides. Cuomo continues to deny the allegations.


Bennett files a new lawsuit against New York State for accountability in the Cuomo harassment case.

The lawsuit claims the state government is responsible for Cuomo’s actions and aides’ inaction Bennett had previously filed a lawsuit alleging retaliation for reporting Cuomo’s misconduct.

Cuomo denies the allegations and asserts that evidence in his favor was suppressed Bennett claims she was transferred to a lower-ranking position after reporting the harassment.


As conservatives, it is crucial for us to hold our leaders accountable for their actions, regardless of their political affiliation.

Charlotte Bennett’s pursuit of justice in this case is a reminder of the importance of transparency and integrity in politics.

We must continue to support those who come forward with allegations of misconduct and ensure that justice is served.