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  1. i am not invested in any thing at this point…. BECAUSE I AM A POOR GUY…. I HAVE NOTHING TO INVEST

    real freedom comes…. when you neither owe no dept’s , nor stand among your holdings …. trying to protect what is yours

    true freedom , is when they can take nothing from you…. that you can not replace effortlessly…. and you can do to them …more…. than they can do to you
    who you are…. is in how you define the words “them”

    small men have small enemy’s

    who your friends are , says more about your past , than your present

    what you have in your hand can be replaced …. what you have in your head is lost to time and memory , the people who will come when your in trouble … is your wealth , and the people who will stand with you… next to you in your dangerious hour…. are the true worth of your life
    a man who stands alone against time , will be forgotten the moment he loses his battle

    coin is issued by the goverment….. for the purpose of collection of taxes…. that is the nature of coin , money , money in the bank
    no goverment since the beginning of time….. not once , nor ever will …. issue coin … for the purpose of economy and the welfare of its people or citizens…
    coin is issued for the single and sole purpose to collect taxes … so the goverment can pay for others to do things that the body of authority have directed needs to be done …. for a collective good….. of which the body of rulers are among


    taxes are always self serving …. to the body of those who collect them
    taxes are unnatural …. which then leads logicaly to coin is un-natural ….. which then leads to the question …. why is wealth judged as the volume of coin you have access to , or hoard as numbers in a bank statement
    the answer is rather easy .
    you can do more harm to the taxing authority , than the taxing authority can do to you…. if you stop recognising the value of thire coin
    if you do not use their coins , then the coins have no value , wealth is a collective dellusion , the value of coin is established by the wealthy paying their taxes ….. the poor use coin because the wealthy trade in its usefullness
    logicaly ….. the money value the citizen places on the coins , is the value the taxes have avalable , and results in the power of the state
    if the citizen has a loss of faith in the coin , they attack the foundation of the states power to regulate and control through the authority of taxes and coin


    true wealth is not coin
    true wealth is in the local loyaltys of friends and family , and the common brotherhood of those who stand against the forces acting against the people you know and care about
    coin is an illusion
    your daughter and son are your wealth
    every thing else is just taxes , and a system of slavery that is agrreds to by common illusion

    ressions and economic heating or cooling is just the motions of the illusion changing and adjusting to the political winds of wealthy people who are powerful enough to do more damage to the goverment , than the goverment can do to them

    in short…. our enemy is the socalism of the taxing authority … ours is a very dangerious enemy , but it is important to define who and what they are…. and why they are the enemy , and what makes them the enemy …. to understand them…. you first need to understand what they use as their greatest weapons , and understand how they meet us on the feild of conflict

    …. in this case , we need to avoid piles of coins , for this is what they attack and how they define victory. they define every thing in terms of coin

    …they want the piles of coins , we want what the coins will buy , not the coins…

    and we need to gather ,use ,keep , and make our piles of the coins we gain , beyond the reach of the enemy … so that they can not attack us to steal the coins .

    they are not parasites…. they are preditors

    they do not serve the citizen , they are self serveing , and have but the single goal of stopping all traffic , take every coin to them selves , and put every person in jail , who is not a police officer or jail guard
    we have no specific goal… each person defines their goal by living .
    their goal is to strip us nakid , rape us , and then demand that we pay the wage of those who do the harm


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