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This is absolute madness.

Americans were outraged when they found continued support from liberal mainstream media for the Chinese communist party following international panic over the coronavirus outbreak.

For example, watch a NBC’s Keir Simmons thank China for helping keep the world safe from the virus.

Now, according to Flag and Cross, Texas Senator Ted Cruz opened fire on the liberal media for their outright lies.

“You’ve gotta be kidding— @nbc tells of how China may have “helped” the world on Coronavirus. This is blatantly false & delusional propaganda. The CCP covered up the outbreak for months, endangering millions. Our media shouldn’t value Chinese govt $$ more than truth,” Cruz wrote on Twitter.

You can read the full details of this story here.



  1. Don’t open fire on themTed! You all need to start write legislation against the media when they lie and they deceive and they miss represent and they post propaganda. The first amendment does not surpass the second amendment that says it shall not be infringed and they beat the hell out of it illegally of course with the courts are nothing but trash anyway. Legislation needs to be written to put these sons of bitches in jail! I can think of one of mine real quick Mr. Acosta

  2. The mainstream media in this country are disgraceful traitors to this country. Each
    needs to be shut down and the people will be far better off. They do nothing to help
    ease the fear they just keep it raging. Disgusting pricks and communists supporters.
    They should not be allowed to broadcast unless they can be supportive. I am sick
    of these jackals even being allowed to broadcast. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC and
    I don’t know how many others are just being worthless and disruptive. I can’t see
    how anyone would want to listen or support them.

  3. NBC’s Keir Simmons works for NBC, which is owned by Comcast, who Biden made a deal with for Political Donations and Biden made deals through his son with Chines Hedge Funds.
    Tells you a lot about Comcast, NBCs, Simmons and Biden and………………… China!
    I wonder how much of Comcast and NBCs the Chinese own now??????

  4. The propagandist’s known by the moniker “news media” are totally in the pocket & ownership of the NWO, a group of wealth people that want nothing less then a total socialist police state with themselves above all laws designed to suppress the remaining citizen salves….and you can bet your last dollar that the law enforcement & courts are all in with this scheme!

  5. The Bolshevik Fake News Propaganda Politburo is part of the Democrat Bolshevik Marxist Criminal Group seeking to overthrow this nation by colluding to spread panic and financial mayhem by over inflating this Wuhan Virus Outbreak. They are truly part of the enemy within Marxist Movement.


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