The mainstream media has been accused of bias pretty often over the last few years (okay, for the last twenty-five years, at least), and you’d think that someone in their ranks would want to fix that opinion of them that the majority of Americans (yes, according to polls, even leftists) have of them.

But nothing seems to change, at least not for the better. In fact, one could argue, that the bias and misinformation coming out of the mainstream media is only getting worse.

Take rioting in America. The mainstream media keeps wanting to talk about rioting at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, even though the only death that wasn’t attributed to natural causes was the death of an unarmed military veteran who was shot by Capitol Police.

But why isn’t the media talking about the riots “mostly peaceful protests” (if I’m being politically correct) happening in many U.S. cities still? What? You haven’t heard about them?

Well, allow me to give you evidence of what the mainstream news media refuses to cover. Martha Rosenberg writes,

Communities and residents in Portland are still struggling as the anti-police riots continue without much coverage from the mainstream media.

Portlanders who spoke to The Epoch Times anonymously (to avoid “woke” retaliation) all agreed that violence is becoming worse and is unacceptable. “There are brazen shootings and killings in broad daylight which did not happen before this past year,” said a 44-year-old man who lives in a Portland suburb. “The violence is no longer limited to nights or certain neighborhoods.”

Rosenberg continues:

Almost all national coverage of the Portland riots ended when federal agents withdrew in 2020, but the violent unrest has continued unabated and often unreported. 

Now, ask yourself, if things are so bad in Portland, why isn’t this national news?

Answer: because leftists are committing the violence, and to talk about it would make Joe Biden look as incompetent a President as he actually is.

Can’t have that, can we?



  1. It would get coverage if the people said they had had enough and took back their city by force. Which is what needs to be done, and not depend on the government to do it because they will not.

    • I agree the people of Portland need to take back their city, whatever it takes , as well as many Democratic cities who are living in fear each day; speak up, speak out, PUSH BACK, it’s up to you ,this radical socialist government will not help you.Draw attention then the MSM will have to cover your actions because their viewership has been and will continue to tank!!


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