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One female Army soldier is making waves after she was demoted for being in violation of the dress code and decided to turn her mistake into a lawsuit.

Spc. Cesilia Valdovinos faced repercussions after she was caught with her hair hanging loosely. Female Army members are required to keep their hair in a bun out of safety concerns. Which is only fair as the men are required to buzz their hair to keep it out of the way.

But Valdovinos is turning the issue into a civil rights case, because she wears a hijab. 

The Army Times gave a full report of the story:

Following a rejected equal opportunity complaint and a demotion in rank, a Muslim soldier who has accused her Fort Carson, Colorado, leadership of religious discrimination is contemplating a federal lawsuit, her attorney confirmed to Army Times on Wednesday.

Spc. Cesilia Valdovinos, who was demoted this week following an unrelated Article 15 investigation, will file a complaint alleging violation of her civil rights either in northern Virginia or Denver, according to Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

“This is a pattern and practice of anti-Muslim bigotry, prejudice and harassment,” he said.

The 26-year-old culinary specialist’s story first went viral in mid-March, after she filed an EO complaint with her command based on an incident with her command sergeant major at the 704th Transportation Battalion.

The senior noncommissioned officer, believing that Valdovinos was wearing her hair down underneath her hijab ― rather than in a bun, per regulation ― demanded the soldier remove the head covering,

Her hair fell to her shoulders, Valdovinos told Army Times, because she uses the extra fabric in the cap to secure her bun. When she removes it, the bun falls out.



  1. As long as Church and State need to be separated, she should not be allowed to wear her head gear. It should have never been permitted at all. Add to that, if she uses her head gear as a part of her religion, then she honors and lives by the Koran. She will never assimilate or honor the constitution.

  2. As a Veteran of the Vietnam War I don’t believe that any Muslim should in Armed forces. Looked at the times and dead soldiers. Read the Quran, kill all infidel’s. Done more than once already. I was the most unbiased man. After being in Army I didn’t care you were, color or race. we were all equal, but I didn’t know of any Mulsim’s. I worked in The top secret division and saw a lot of info. Nothing about muslim’s. Thank God. They can’t be trusted.

  3. The Military has rules. If you don’t obey the rules, you end up with a Bad Conduct Discharge. The Military is not a damned fashion show. This loosy goosy crap has to end NOW! What are they going to allow next. Sodomy?

  4. She knew the dress code when she signed up and it hasn’t changed, so she doesn’t get to claim discrimination, etc. Follow the rules, or face the consequences and I hope a judge tells her exactly that.

  5. Why is a Muslim who follows Sharia Law even allowed to be in the US Military? I hope to God that she doesn’t have any type of security clearance! It isn’t religious discrimination either. Islam IS NOT a religion but rather a social/religious way of life written by a perverted sadistic madman back in precivilized times that promotes the treatment of women as second class persons and promotes child sexual abuse and a type of slavery of both women and children and the murder of females if they violate the rules they set forth!

  6. I wish I was the commander I would court Marshal her but and discharge her, then throw her butt in jail. She knew coming in what would be required. When are we as a country going to stand up and say enough is enough. These far left wack jobs.

  7. Amen. The most troubling thing for this old soldier is the stated long-term objective of the Islam religion as stated very clearly in their Quran, is to indoctrinate, enslave or murder all non-Muslims. And the doctrine promotes any means to an end. In other words saying or doing anything is justified to accomplish the long-term objective, take advantage of, over throw, or gradually take control of any form of government, religion, tradition, etc. that is not Muslim. Look it up. What do you think militant Islam is trying to accomplish. No doubt there are many peace seeking Muslims. The problem is there are too many seeking Jihad and too many of the others supportive of and sympathetic to the Jihadist. How can any non-Muslim ever trust them?

  8. This is old news

    Martha Mcsally tried it years ago

    Don’t like the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice), then just get out of military

    Military can’t cater to any ethnic or religious GROUP because its called discrimination

  9. The Army should not allow to wear the hijab because she is showing and pushing her religious beliefs on the U.S. Army and if other religions cannot do this, why should we allow Muslim to do this in the Army. The question is will the United States Army fold for fear of being called, Islamophobic?

  10. Military Regulation are to be followed by all in Uniform.
    if you are unable to compl. with this get out.
    since when is an Hijab part of the Uniform. Not oil my USMC
    Vietnam Vet 3 tours
    Semper Fi

  11. If she can’t conform, or doesn’t want to than she needs to go. I spent 24 years and did everything I was told. The military has NO room for nonconformists, whiners, crybabies or people who can’t live by the rules. She needs to be discharged NOW, with a “Less than Honorable ” discharge.

  12. She has already gone against her religon by joining us infidels. Her religon is sworn to kill us. She is now using our own laws to disrupt our systom. Why do we allow it. Only a cowardly court would assist her. SFC/Retired


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