Shocking Turn in The World Of Household Lighting!

Hey there, fellow conservatives! I’ve got a story that’ll surely rile you up. Remember those good old incandescent light bulbs that have been lighting up our lives for ages? Well, brace yourselves, because the Biden administration has just declared them illegal.

This saga began way back in 2007 when President George Bush signed an energy bill that included energy efficiency standards that incandescent bulbs simply couldn’t meet. The idea was to shove those spiral-shaped compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) down our throats as the “”green”” alternative.

But let’s be honest, those CFLs were a disaster. Pricey and casting a harsh glare, they were far from a hit with consumers. Sound familiar? It’s like history repeating itself with the recent suggestion of banning gas stoves by the Biden administration. In 2017, the Department of Energy under Obama finalized rules that expedited the downfall of incandescent bulbs.

Then came a glimmer of hope when President Trump stepped in and reversed those measures, giving the classic bulbs a lifeline. He even used his rallies to champion the superior lighting quality of incandescent bulbs, claiming he looked his best under their warm glow.

But now, the Biden Department of Energy has brought back those Obama-era measures, putting the final nail in the incandescent bulb’s coffin. They claim it’s for our own good – for both consumers and the climate. This new rule, effective since 2022, supposedly symbolizes progress.

Let’s not be fooled, though. This isn’t about progress; it’s about control. The leniency they initially showed to retailers has now evaporated as of July 2023. Anyone daring to sell these “”outlawed”” bulbs could face substantial fines and more. But don’t fret; there’s a silver lining: LED bulbs have stepped up as the better, brighter replacement. They tick the DOE’s boxes and offer satisfactory lighting quality. Though they come with a higher price tag and a few quirks.

The sad reality is that we’re losing more than just light bulbs. The market competition that incandescent bulbs provided for LEDs has vanished. So, remember this tale of the light bulb ban whenever you switch on a light. The Biden administration seems all too eager to yank the rug from under us, all in the name of “”progress.”” Stay vigilant, fellow conservatives, and let’s keep shining a light on these questionable decisions!

Source Fox News