Shocking Revelations From Hunter’s Ex-Wife’s Memoir

In the wake of Devon Archer’s recent congressional interview, where he claimed President Biden’s significant involvement in Hunter Biden’s business affairs, another name has surfaced with potentially critical information.

Eric Schwerin, a longtime business partner of Hunter, has come under scrutiny for his multiple visits to the Obama White House and then-Vice President Biden’s residence from 2009 to 2016. With at least 36 visits recorded, Schwerin finds himself in the crosshairs of the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings.

Schwerin’s background as the founding partner and managing director of Hunter’s former firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, adds intrigue to the story. His appointment by then-President Obama to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad in 2015 raises questions about his role in the Biden family’s financial affairs.

The true extent of Schwerin’s interactions with the first and second families remains unknown, given the potential for more undisclosed meetings under the “”purely personal guests”” exception. His involvement in the Biden family’s personal finances adds complexity to the matter.

Kathleen Buhle, Hunter’s ex-wife, has revealed that Schwerin “”managed almost every aspect of our financial life.”” This information sheds new light on Schwerin’s connections with the Biden family.

Peter Schweizer, an expert on Hunter’s business dealings, suggests that Schwerin played a crucial role as the “”money guy”” in the operation, adding insight into the Biden family’s financial affairs.

A significant visit was a sit-down between Schwerin and Biden in the West Wing in November 2010. Schwerin also attended various holiday receptions at Biden’s residence, further solidifying his ties to the family.

Schwerin’s associations with key Biden aides during their tenure in the administration are noteworthy. The scope of his involvement with the Biden family raises important questions about the former vice president’s awareness and involvement in business dealings.

As Republicans on the House Oversight Committee continue their investigation, the nation eagerly anticipates answers about the Biden family’s connections with Eric Schwerin and others. Devon Archer’s interview has opened a window of inquiry, and it’s essential to uncover the truth behind the conduct of our leaders.

Source Fox News