Shocking revelation: Hunter Biden’s message to fulfill a commitment.

A recent bombshell has brought the scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s business dealings to new heights, raising concerns about the potential compromise of national security.

Former President Donald Trump shed light on the alarming connections between Hunter Biden’s questionable activities and President Biden’s inaction regarding China’s attempted construction of a spy base in Cuba. Trump revealed this during his speech at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority gala.

An IRS whistleblower disclosed a WhatsApp message from Hunter Biden to Henry Zhao, CEO of Harvest Fund Management, which unveiled a troubling conversation. Hunter expressed his frustration, indicating that he and his father were seeking an explanation as to why a commitment had not been fulfilled.

In a warning to Zhao, he stated that any contact about this matter from individuals other than Zhao or specific individuals would result in severe consequences.

Compounding the gravity of the situation, it was revealed that an account linked to Hunter Biden received a substantial sum of $5 million shortly after the exchange. The timing of these events raises serious questions about potential corruption and the influence it may have had.

Former President Trump highlighted the broader implications of this scandal, suggesting that the significant financial gains the Bidens have received from China might be influencing President Biden’s decision-making. He raised concerns about Biden’s silence on China’s military base construction in Cuba and described Biden as a “compromised president.”

Trump emphasized that this scandal surpasses the magnitude of Watergate and called for swift action. The potential threat to national security posed by China’s expansion of intelligence collection facilities in Cuba demands urgent attention. He underscored the need to scrutinize Biden’s silence on this matter.

While the Biden administration has sought to downplay the issue, asserting that it predates their term, the seriousness of these revelations cannot be dismissed. The evidence pointing to Hunter Biden’s dubious dealings and potential compromising of the president warrants a thorough investigation by the Department of Justice.

It is crucial for Republicans to rally together, demanding transparency and accountability. The American people deserve the truth about the Biden family’s involvement with foreign entities and the extent to which their actions may have jeopardized our national security. This scandal cannot be ignored, and we must ensure that justice is served.

Source Fox News