Shocking revelation about media bias against Trump by a former governor.

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, a Democratic figure, recently spoke out about the mounting challenges faced by former President Donald Trump. In an interview with Brian Kilmeade on “Fox News Tonight,” Blagojevich shared his thoughts on the Justice Department, mainstream media, and extremists within his own party.

Blagojevich drew attention to the gravity of the situation by invoking powerful imagery, suggesting that Abraham Lincoln would be dismayed while Joseph Stalin would rejoice. This emphasizes the importance of understanding the threats faced by Trump and their potential impact on our democracy.

The former governor criticized the mainstream media for their treatment of Trump, emphasizing the significance of a free press in a free society. Blagojevich stressed the need for fairness and the opportunity for both sides to present their views.

He expressed concern about the media’s transformation from a watchdog to an attack dog against Trump, which he believes is both alarming and unjust.

Blagojevich’s own experience with the justice system informs his perspective. Having faced corruption charges and impeachment during his tenure, he received a commutation from Trump in 2020 and maintains his innocence.

He spoke out against what he considers a corrupt and dishonest justice system, highlighting its potential to be weaponized against politicians.

According to Blagojevich, the allegations against Trump by the Department of Justice are part of a broader effort to undermine his presidency and impede his chances as a leading presidential candidate. He called on the American people to recognize the dangers posed by these circumstances and urged them to stay informed.

Blagojevich’s interview shed light on the challenges faced by Trump and the potential implications for our democracy. The alleged corruption within the justice system and the biased portrayal of Trump by the mainstream media should be viewed as significant warning signs. It is crucial for us to remain vigilant and safeguard the principles of fairness and transparency that underpin our society.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story as we delve deeper into the truth behind the attacks on Trump and the potential threats to our democracy.

Source Fox News