Shocking findings about Democratic Biden voters’ views on the presidency.

The Biden administration recently stirred up controversy with a video celebrating the “LGBTQI+ Community” and “our kids” who identify as part of it. Posted on Twitter by the White House, the video showcased the presidential estate bathed in rainbow colors, accompanied by President Biden’s narration.

The tweet declaring the administration’s support for the LGBTQI+ community drew swift backlash on social media. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Tesla CEO Elon Musk were among those who voiced their opposition. DeSantis’s campaign responded with screenshots from the video, emphasizing that the children in question are not the government’s responsibility. Musk, known for his advocacy against government intrusion, tweeted that children should not be treated as “fodder” for political messaging.

The video’s controversy escalated when a few transgender activists faced criticism for their behavior at the White House’s “Pride Celebration” event. A viral video showed them topless on the South Lawn, prompting the White House to distance itself and state that the behavior was inappropriate. The individuals involved will not be invited to future events.

These events unfolded amidst a backdrop of GOP-led states passing laws and restrictions on sex change surgeries and treatment for transgender minors. President Biden vehemently criticized these measures, accusing their proponents of being “hysterical” and “prejudiced.” However, critics argue that these bills aim to protect vulnerable children and preserve parental rights, rather than being driven by prejudice.

As the debate intensifies, passionate Republican voters find themselves increasingly at odds with the progressive agenda of the Biden administration. They view the video and subsequent events as examples of the widening divide between their values and those pushed by the current administration. The implications for LGBTQ rights and parental authority in America remain uncertain, but the voices of concerned conservatives continue to grow louder.

Source Fox News