SHOCKING Details About the Latest Power Play, You’ll Be Surprised

In yet another example of the Left’s ongoing efforts to protect the Bidens, the White House is now accusing House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer of leading an “evidence-free, politically-motivated” investigation into the Biden family. And why? Because Comer has been uncovering damning evidence that implicates the Bidens in shady foreign business dealings!

Comer was planning a press conference to provide an update on his investigation into the Biden family’s foreign business dealings when the White House decided to attack him. ‘

According to a memo from White House spokesperson Ian Sams, Comer’s “absurd innuendo ignores reality.” But it’s clear that the only thing being ignored here is the mounting evidence against the Bidens.

Comer has said his committee has information suggesting that “10 or 12 Biden family members” were involved in efforts to “launder or hide” revenue from “Communist China and other countries around the world.” But the Left, as usual, wants to ignore any wrongdoing by the Bidens and instead attack Republicans for doing their job.

It’s time for the truth to come out about the Bidens’ corrupt dealings, and it’s clear that Comer is the one doing the hard work to uncover it. Don’t let the Left distract from the facts – support Comer and demand accountability from the Bidens.

Source Fox News