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These people really do hate America!

During a recent campaign event in Detroit, Michigan, Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris agreed with a voter that America was a racist, sexist, and overall evil country!

According to the Gateway Pundit, “How will you resolve these injustices for the black community, and specifically for black women?” a voter asked Harris after claiming that America was founded on “racism, sexism and other evils.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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  1. What was so SHOCKING about her shown short statement. She was asked a VERY leading question by a leader of a vital constituent group. What was she supposed to say as a liberal, admittedly VERY liberal, Democrat VP candidate? She said “part of it is I’m going to need your help.”

    If we’re to restore the rule of constitutional law and justice, we’re going to need the help of all Americans who truly desire peace, be the Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian; liberal or conservative; black, brown, yellow, red, or white; female or male. . Am I wrong?

    A conservative consitutionalist

  2. Anyone that thinks that the Biden/Harris ticket is going to do anything for the American People should wake up and know the truth. If they continue the OBAMA care plan it’s going to cost every american Man, Woman & Child $3.33 per day. That’s $399.60 per month for a family of four. You hear how important your health care is and all that crap the members of Congress (including former members) receive FREE MEDICAL care. He has said that a, has has tried to eliminate Social Security, he has said that he will raise your taxes. Consider this what if Mr. Biden is in the beginning stages of Dementia they can put him in a hospital at anytime and the new President would be Ms. Harris someone that has held people in jail after they have served their time only because she could, is that what you want as President?


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