Shocking allegations surface about a high-ranking government official’s jet trips.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is facing a federal lawsuit filed by Americans for Public Trust (APT), a government watchdog group, regarding the lack of transparency surrounding Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s use of private government jets. This legal action sheds light on the FAA’s repeated delays and refusal to provide records related to Buttigieg’s extensive travel.

APT has persistently requested FAA records detailing the frequency and costs associated with Buttigieg’s use of government jets. However, their efforts have been met with resistance, leaving the American people in the dark about the true extent of his extravagant travel arrangements.

Caitlin Sutherland, the executive director of APT, condemned Buttigieg’s misuse of taxpayer dollars, asserting that he has taken advantage of private jet travel for both domestic and international trips. Despite APT’s exposure of Buttigieg’s excessive travels six months ago, the FAA continues to withhold vital information on the financial burden placed on the American people.

APT’s lawsuit seeks to hold the FAA accountable for its lack of transparency and adherence to the law. Every American deserves to know how their hard-earned money is being spent by the current administration. The lawsuit highlights the FAA’s failure to respond to multiple requests, which have been pending for over 100 days.

The first request, filed in November, sought flight logs and passenger manifests for the FAA’s fleet of jets. Subsequent requests aimed to identify instances where government officials, including those from the White House and Congress, utilized these jets. Shockingly, the FAA has set and missed several self-imposed deadlines for producing the requested records and has indefinitely delayed their release.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, federal agencies are legally obligated to provide requested records within specific timeframes. APT’s lawsuit aims to compel the FAA to promptly disclose all relevant, non-exempt records and fulfill its obligations under the law.

This lawsuit comes in the wake of a report by Fox News Digital, which revealed Buttigieg’s use of taxpayer-funded private jets. The report, based on internal calendars obtained by APT, disclosed that Buttigieg had taken at least 18 flights between early 2021 and mid-2022.

The extravagant nature of his air travel raises concerns about his commitment to environmental initiatives, considering his vocal support for sweeping climate measures.

Accountability is crucial when it comes to our elected officials and their use of taxpayer funds. The lawsuit against the FAA highlights Buttigieg’s excessive travel habits and the agency’s attempts to keep the truth hidden.

Transparency is a cornerstone of democracy, and APT’s fight for accountability ensures that the American people’s voices are heard.

Stay tuned for further developments as APT continues its pursuit of truth and transparency in government.

Source Fox News