SHOCKING: A Liberal Host’s Unexpected Warning for Democrats

Bill Maher, host of “Real Time,” recently sounded the alarm for Democrats who are trying to bring down former President Donald Trump over the Stormy Daniels affair.

He compared this situation to former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment over his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Despite the scandal, Clinton’s approval rating stayed strong at 73%, showing that going after a president for a sex scandal might not be the best move.

Maher highlighted that millennials, who make up a big chunk of today’s voters, mostly don’t know about or care for the Clinton scandal. He argued that sex scandals aren’t very effective against presidents, as people tend to focus more on the juicy details than the legal issues.

Plus, Maher pointed out that the media is already questioning the strength of the case against Trump, hinting that Democrats might not get the result they’re hoping for.

In comparing the Clinton and Trump cases, the HBO host talked about what they have in common and what sets them apart.

While Clinton was in office and his case was about DNA evidence, Trump isn’t in office anymore, and his case revolves around a nondisclosure agreement. But, both men had to deal with public scrutiny over their personal lives and how their actions affected their families.

Maher expressed frustration with the Democrats’ decision to chase Trump over the Stormy Daniels issue, suggesting that there are way more severe crimes that Trump has committed, often right out in the open.

According to Maher, the former president has obstructed justice, pressured state election officials, asked foreign countries to interfere in elections, sided with enemies, and incited insurrection.

The liberal host acknowledged the satisfaction of seeing Trump in court, but he warned Democrats not to get too cocky. Focusing on the Stormy Daniels case could hurt their chances of holding Trump accountable for more serious crimes.

If more severe charges are eventually filed against Trump, people might have gotten so used to seeing him in court that it won’t even matter.

In short, Bill Maher’s insights offer an essential lesson for Democrats trying to take down Trump.

Putting all their energy into the Stormy Daniels scandal might backfire, ultimately getting in the way of their efforts to hold him accountable for more severe wrongdoings. Instead, they should focus on the more significant offenses during his presidency, making sure that justice is served.