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With many states turning in their humanity to slaughter unborn children, many have had enough. Now one senator has pushed a bill to the Senate that could actually SAVE the lives of children.

Republican Senator of Nebraska Ben Sasse has proposed the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act and it aims to protect the lives of infant who are born alive surviving abortion. 

“I want to thank the Majority Leader for scheduling this vote so that every American can know where their Senator stands on the issue of infanticide,” Sasse said via statement. “A lot of Senators spend a lot of time telling people how they fight for the little guy. Well, here’s the chance for them to prove it.”

The vote is set to take place at the start of the week. 

“Infanticide shouldn’t be a partisan issue,” Sasse wrote in an op-ed at USA Today. “Every single public servant should be able to say it’s wrong to leave newborn babies to die.”



  1. It is extremely disturbing to hear anyone with any decency asking to be allowed to
    Kill a human through abortion but to actually think it is allowed to be done even up to the time just preceding birth and then ok to kill the baby at birth. Where has our common sense gone ? Where is human compassion.? Have yourself sterilized! If you not want a baby or Use reliable birth control!!! If you fail to plan ahead and get pregnant Give the child up for adoption. Do not murder the helpless infant due to your stupidity!!!

  2. New York and Virginia have passed a law that even after a baby is born alive the mother has the option to end its life, so what is stopping other mothers with older kids that she no longer wants into moving to these two states and killing the kids after all they are hers and if its not wrong to kill a baby that is alive at birth then the argument will be the kids are hers to do with as she pleases, killing kids that are yours from birth no longer seems a crime

  3. These people are merciless to kill a baby any baby for that matter. The people doing this are no better than the
    Terrorists that kills women and children over seas.
    Democrats are becoming just like them. KILLERS

  4. Infanticide is not only unethical and immoral, it’s just straight out MURDER!!! They should go to prison for the rest of their lives!!! Anyone who believes in infanticide is PURE EVIL and INHUMAN!!! If a woman doesn’t want children, use some sort of protection
    so you don’t get pregnant!!! Babies are GOD’S creation!!!

  5. Our Country was amazing when we had the hand of God over it. Man, not all, in their need for power and control has pushed God aside, removing the protection He provided. It’s a disgrace that life is not valued from conception until the last breath. Calling fetal murder a “reproductive health right” is sickening. Call it what it truly is legalized murder to do away with the consequence of “irresponsible reproductive behavior.” Clever titles can be seen through, and thank God the monstrous acts of those who want total control have caused an awakening in the American people!

  6. Whoever started this disgusting law, and voted for it in Virginia and New York, you are insane! I was shocked when I heard you voted and passed this unbelievable, barbaric act. What in the hell were you thinking? It is bad enough that there are lawmakers who passed the bill allowing babies to be murdered up to 3 months of pregnancy because it isn’t really human, it is just a “mass of tissues”. My God, who are you people? It is a human being growing in an environment where he/she should be safe and protected, not murdered in the worst horrible way because the mother doesn’t want him or her. If you are not ready for children, God forbid they should cramp your style, then here is a thought – USE PROTECTION! There is no excuse this day and age for a woman to get pregnant if she isn’t ready. Even in the event of rape or incest, there is the morning after pill. Every girl and woman out there who has an abortion or is planning an abortion knows deep inside that her body is no longer just hers. The excuse “It is my body” is not true once you are pregnant. And you men out there who refuse to wear protection or push their girlfriend or wife to get an abortion because you aren’t ready to be a father, you are just as bad. Grow a set and accept your responsibility. It is called being a man. To Senator


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