Joe Biden is an embarrassment, both to the United States and to himself. I mean, this guy can hardly put two sentences together half of the time if he’s not reading from a cue card.

And I don’t mean that statement to be mean (okay, maybe just a little). We are, after all, seeing what clearly appears to be a case of cognitive decline in the person who is, supposedly, the leader of the free world (and his supporters really had the gall to say that Trump was having mental issues? Really? Compared to this?). It’s sad and infuriating at the same time (tell me again how this guy got more legitimate votes than any U.S. President in history, and, then, still tell me with a straight face that you really believe that. Yeah, I’ll wait.).

It’s been clear for over a year now that Joe Biden is simply a figurehead and that other people are actually running the show behind the scenes, telling him what to say and telling him what to do. But, now, we’re seeing even clearer evidence that this is happening. In fact, in what was probably a Freudian slip, Biden admitted that he does what the voice in his head… I mean… what other people tell him what to say and do (hat tip to here for the lead).

You can see the absurdity for yourself in the video in the tweet below.

Did you see that? Did you watch it again a couple of more times (like me) because you couldn’t believe how blatant it was? Even CNN let it slip. Obviously, they’re not scared of Biden’s cognitive decline preventing the march ahead of their leftist agenda.

This is both funny and sad. Sad for Biden and sad for the American people. We deserve better than this.



  1. Why doesn’t someone just go in the White house, arrest joe & kamala and take this country back for we the people?

  2. Why are we subjected to the same phrase over and over and over again. Is this so-called modern technology? It’s very irritating! I have to keep turning the sound off.


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