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Could he be right?

Recently on CNN, House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) suggested that momentum was gaining for President Trump’s impeachment within the Republican party.

According to Breitbart, Blitzer stated, “The third-ranking Republican in the House, Congresswoman Liz Cheney, she nows says she will actually vote to impeach President Trump tomorrow when this resolution comes up for a vote. The last time you impeached President Trump, you did so with no Republican support in the House, no Republican support at all. So what does this development mean?”

Schiff replied, “It means she won’t be alone. There will be other Republicans influenced by her decision, and these things have a way of gathering momentum. So I wouldn’t be surprised now to see a considerable number of Republicans join in supporting the impeachment resolution.”

“These reports that Mitch McConnell may be open to the impeachment charges as well is quite a potential earthquake in the Senate,” Schiff added.

You can watch a clip of Schiff’s comments here.

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  1. Any committee with Schiff is on has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING To do with INTELLIGENCE. Cheney is a PRETEND REPUBLICAN at best. Trump called for PEACE and the Democraps, RINOS, and Pretend Republicans say by STATING FACTS he incited a RIOT. What do they call what Waters and other Democraps did when they called for Trump personnel to be attacked where ever they were found?? This Impeachment FARCE is like the FIRST at WASTE of time and tax dollars. President Trump has 8 days left in office. The Democraps got their dirty election counted and the Ho will be sworn in as Democraps wanted and America will start losing the rights we have. Taxes will skyrocket employment will plummet and this Nation will be come the Tenth World HELL HOLE they want where they are the ones in power. So why don’t these WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER for brains FOOLS just stop LYING and do the Jobs they have but are far too IGNORANT to even know how to do.

  2. Any Republican better not abandon the best president working for the peoplea and not special interests or they will pay next election. HIS SUPPORT WILL ONLY GROW IN TIME AND ENEMIES WILL BE FEARFUL. . . ,

  3. Schiff is a pile of Commie Democrat Excrement ! Not worth the toilet paper and water to flush him down the toilet ! Just put him in a ziplock bag and send him to Braindead Biden the FRAUD !

  4. Schiff is a lying coward. He has been proven to lie continually when it is convenient . He should have already been kicked out of Congress for abuse of his seat then jailed for treason. He is the scum of the barrel along with his drunk comrade Pelosi. Every Democrat in congress should be investigated by Justice for corruption and fraud. If that was done there would nearly be no Democrats left in our Congress. There are also a number of Republicans that need investigating as well.


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