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They aren’t coming back from that one…

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said that it was the right move for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bar Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering Israel.

“What good could possibly come of these people showing up to showboat in Israel with a duly sycophantic media in tow?” Limbaugh posed. “What possible good could it have done? Israel is making a decision in its own best interests here and they are entitled to this. Just as we are in charge of who gets into our country, so is Israel and every other country in charge of who gets in.”

“You have two women who are out of control in their hatred for Israel and Jewish people,” he said. “It’s their lifeblood. Before they became elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, these women grew up hating Jews. They grew up as anti-Semites.”

“They openly support the Palestinians who want there to be no Israel. Omar and Tlaib openly support whatever will happen to replace Israel with Palestine, Palestinians, and Israelis with nowhere to go but the Mediterranean Sea,” Limbaugh added.



  1. Also very interesting is the terrorist tied groups that paid for their trip. Does America really want Jew haters traveling the world spewing their hate? I certainly don’t and I see no place for them in our Congress as they also hate America and all that it stands for. They need to go. Democrats talk of conservatives spreading hate, well look in the mirror and you will see the true purveyors of hate, racism, and crime.

  2. Tlaib & Omar HATE America & want to see it destroyed. They are both terrorist supporters. This is like Antifa. The Left-commies are allies with Antifa.

    Antifa prides itself on creating riots where there are none & hell for towns & cities by blocking streets, harassing drivers, & hatred for police, even those who are told to stand down & let them riot & destroy shops & other property, spit on people, punch & kick people, knock people down, curse at,,swear at & call name at people just an inch from their faces & imagine people they attack are nazis to justify jistify themselves. Obviously Antifa is a mob of fascist-commies. The fly communist flags on the streets during their riots.

    It’s way too late for constitutional revival. But anything can happen. We can try. Most likely we will be reverting or resorting to the actual document most relevant to our current situation, the one that started it all & set the tone for a successful republic: DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

    Yes there are the 3 unalienable God given rights of life liberty (includes pursuit of happiness) and property. But without the 4th God given right there is no freedom & no republic. You find that fourth right & it’s justification when you read further on down the page of the DECLARATION. This 4th unalienable right supersedes all other rights & ‘bill of rights’ as well.

    This book is not like anything you have ever read unless you are an ‘anti-federalist’:

    CATHOLIC REPUBLIC: Why America Will Perish Without Rome. TIMOTHY GORDON.

    ‘Rome’ being the Catholic intellectual tradition epitomized in St. Thomas Aquinas & used sereptitiously & incorrectly by our protestant & enlightenment founders without due acknowledgement, mainly in the DECLARATION. Also very practical:

    TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER, OAN (One America News Network). The conservative’s manual covering all aspects of the Leftist war on American culture & how to fight & win against its distortions, lies, deceit , bullying, threats, cheating, and cultural sabotage.

  3. I still say and will keep saying – -“These two America hating, anti-Semites do NOT belong in America; their US Citizenship should be rescinded and they should be deported, back to their own “native” lands. The same should be done to anyone and everyone else who speaks and acts against the USA; if they are native born Americans, then exile them, for life, to any place that will have them. That includes Iran, Red China and North Korea; I would bid them farewell and good riddance!”


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