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He has liberals speechless…

conservative talker Rush Limbaugh noted a general collapse on the left by Democrats and their allies in the media.

According to Limbaugh, it was evident given an inability to defeat President Donald Trump.

“The point is in their minds, they set their sights on somebody, and they’re able to take them out,” Limbaugh said. “They set their sights on Donald Trump in 2015. They’ve launched everything they’ve got. They’ve launched every weapon in their arsenal. It has bombed out, blown up in their faces. I think they’re deranged, delusion and bordering on maybe even clinical insanity here.”

With that in mind, Limbaugh said it was his view Trump was “already reelected.”

“I think Trump is already reelected,” Limbaugh said. “I don’t want to make too big a deal about this right now. I think these people have gone so far overboard and they’re unaware of it. There’s a story in the stack about Trump supporters in Seattle coming out now. There’s a story about how ANTIFA is bombing out in Portland. People are finally starting to see who ANTIFA is. When you see a story about Trump supporters surfacing and coming out in Seattle, I think there is – Megan Rapinoe did an interview. Come to find out, her whole family loves Trump. She is the only member of her family that doesn’t, and she’s mad as her Trump was criticizing her, her father continued to love Trump.”



  1. Right now they are trying to talk us into a recession. If that happens there is a possibility they could win, though it is a stretch. I can not imagine any of the current candidates helping the economy? Everything they propose would hurt the economy.

  2. I’ve listened to Rush since 1992 he’s a great American. I love Rush he’s one of the few I would call a hero. There’s Ronald Reagan and President Trump. We need more people like Rush to call out the liberals and the fake main stream media. Dittos Amen


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