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Ally and former adviser to President Donald Trump, Roger Stone is returning to court after an Instagram post he made landed him in hot water.

Stone posted to his Instagram a photo of federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson, alongside an image of what appears to be crosshairs. 

Stone’s tweet implied the judge was installed by special counsel Robert Mueller to oversee the “upcoming show trial” because she was certain to rule against Stone. 

Stone has since released an apology in a letter to the court that read:

“Please inform the Court that the photograph and comment today was improper and should not have been posted. I had no intention of disrespecting the Court and humbly apologize to the Court for the transgression.”

Stone claims that a “volunteer” was responsible for the post and in poor judgement, used the wrong “random” photo. Stone states that as he became aware of the post he ordered it taken down claiming that, “any inference that this was meant to somehow threaten the judge or disrespect the court is categorically false.”

Unfortunately for Stone the odds are stacked against him. Previously Judge Jackson had issued gag orders for most involved with the case. But she showed some leniency with Stone only restricting him from speaking to the media or making posts around the courthouse.

It is likely she will increase the severity of the gag order against Stone. However it could be worse, should the judge perceive Stone’s post as a threat it could mean Stone is taken into custody to await his trial. 



  1. Hes trouble is he is a very good friend of Mr Trump like most of his friends Muller has given them head aches you mite say he has harassed all of the people that had any thing to do with Mr Trump

  2. Americans should just respect the office of President, and its encumbent, and stop with the chidish and exceedingly stupid activities they regularly indulge in. You are making a laughiing stock of your Country, and it is coming very close to treeasonous activity. Think about it. Oh, by the way, isn’t it time the Americans learned to spell correctly, after all, your language is English, but the way you portray it one would never really know that. Back to school guys, and back to the books hey??


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