RFK Jr’s Surprising Take On Recent White House Actions

In an exclusive Fox News Town Hall, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. didn’t hold back while discussing the “bad decisions” he sees coming out of the White House under President Biden’s leadership. Kennedy, known for his straightforward approach, candidly acknowledged Biden’s past struggles with words, drawing laughter from the audience. Despite the Democratic Party’s reluctance to criticize Biden’s gaffes, Kennedy emphasized his critique stems from genuine concern rather than partisan motives.

The burning question remained: Is Biden truly capable of leading the nation? Though Kennedy expressed doubts about Biden’s decision-making, he was unwavering in his condemnation of what he views as flawed policies originating from the White House.

A surprising revelation during the discussion was Kennedy’s claim of being “the first person censored by the Biden White House.” He cited a federal judge’s ruling that suggested the FBI, under Biden’s administration, had suppressed conservative speech, raising concerns about potential selective targeting based on political affiliations.

Kennedy’s words serve as a call to action for every American to closely scrutinize the decisions made by the White House and assess whether they genuinely align with the best interests of the country.

Source Fox News