Revealed: The Unexpected Impact Of Offshore Wind Farms

Greetings, fellow passionate Republicans! Today, we dive into a critical issue that affects our beloved New England fisheries and the heart of our coastal communities. Recent studies have exposed a shocking truth: offshore wind turbines aren’t the clean energy solution they’re touted to be, and they’re wreaking havoc on our marine life.

The New England Fishermen’s Stewardship Association (NEFSA) has sounded the alarm bells. Their Offshore Wind Research Summary, a compilation of scholarly articles, has highlighted the grave dangers posed by these towering structures to our ocean ecosystems. One study from the 2022 Journal of Marine Science and Engineering reveals a startling fact – the electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated by sub-sea cables from these turbines are causing deformities in juvenile lobsters. Yes, you heard that right – our iconic lobsters are being affected!

And it doesn’t stop there. Another study focused on high voltage direct current cables, which transmit energy from turbines to shore, found that magnetic fields are hindering swimming activity for a significant portion of haddock larvae. This isn’t just about marine life – it’s about our livelihoods and heritage. These findings raise serious concerns about the future of our fishing fleets and coastal economies.

But fear not, fellow conservatives, for NEFSA is fighting back. They demand that the Biden administration pause and conduct thorough studies before blindly green-lighting more offshore wind projects. And they are absolutely right! We cannot allow foreign energy companies to endanger our hardworking people and generations of maritime tradition.

Let’s be clear – lobster and haddock are the backbone of New England’s fisheries. It’s time for a rational approach, one that ensures the well-being of both our environment and our communities. NEFSA CEO Jerry Leeman and COO Dustin Delano, a fourth-generation lobsterman, are leading the charge to protect our way of life.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is already eyeing 9.8 million acres in the Gulf of Maine for wind farm development. This “”call area”” encompasses vital fishing grounds that must be safeguarded. We must not let these wind farms compromise the economic prosperity of our fishing fleet and coastal towns.

Furthermore, these wind farms are causing sea surface temperatures to rise and altering ocean dynamics in mysterious ways. The effects mimic those of climate change, potentially exacerbating the very problems they claim to solve.

Fellow Republicans, we must stand strong against hasty decisions that put our fisheries and communities at risk. Let’s support NEFSA in their fight for careful research and responsible development. Together, we can protect our heritage and ensure a bright future for New England. Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue from a conservative perspective – because our voices matter, and our oceans deserve better!

Source Fox News