1. I know I’m hoping an impossible request

    mainly from the neverTRUMP Republican Lawmakers

    But if you’d vote support our US President TRUMP 100%

    on all of his agenda issues, and I mean just his TRUMPing awesome agenda

    that would be such a blessing and you be greatly appreciated

    SO if you can be so humbley incline to listen and actively support him

    thank you very much!!!

    • Are we talking about the same Donald Trump? Did he pay for all this ……..
      You and others like you must be living in a capsule isolated from the rest of the world
      We don’t need the rich elite to run the country, whose main course is to make the rich richer and the poor, poorer. What happened to DEMOCRACY. Wake up.

      • You mean rich like Nancy Pelosie and Chuck Schumer? You are probably right.
        This won’t be a democracy if they have anything to say about it. It seems that
        they care about is eroding our freedoms and giving them our money in the form of Socialism. Socialism is just another name for slavery.

          • You’re an IDIOT! WHAT THE Democrats are proposing is not Socialism, but social democracy; big difference. Not the you could see it, you’re too busy being Trump’s patsies and hating anything that has the word Democratic associated with it. I’d rather have the Democrats version of Socialism than the Republican’ts version of Fascism, which is what going on with DrumpF and all his Republican’t shills. History will not only show, but prove that Drumpf has been the absolute WORST president, ever, with all his lies and the corruption surrounding him, his family and all the Republican’ts the stood by and cheered him on; PATHETIC!

          • The Democratic Party was and still is the Party of the SLAVE MONGERS created well before the days of President Lincoln — the Republicans beat their behinds back then and they will demolish the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY of today ( which was EXACTLY THE SAME as HITLER’S PARTY during World War 2 ) — MAKE NO — NO — NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT — Democrats ARE NOT TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS — Democrats NEVER HAVE BEEN, IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM, TRUE, PATRIOTIC, FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS — NOR WILL THEY EVER BE — It is TIME to put the Democratic Party to rest forever in its grave — END OF STORY — PERIOD .

          • The Democrats are a bunch of fools, they would rather take in Illegals then help our own, you look back at what o Chuckey said a few years ago and what he says now, He hates trump so much he is willing to Destroy our country ? you want socialism, Move! and take all them MUSILAMS with you !

          • Chris meant social democracy like : Venezuela, North Korea, China and other socialist/ communist countries where the government control it’s populace/people.


          • No it is a hard word for communism. telling you where you can go and when, how much money you can have, What type of job you can have, How many children you can have and how big your house can be. It would be like Germany during WW2 and Free religion will be a thing of the past. If you don’t join there religion you are an outcast and by there book could loose your head. They want our guns so they can push all this crap down our throat. I will keep mine and fight for our freedom the same as all our forefathers have done to give us the freedom we have now.

        • Beverly, you are on the right track, the social democrats want to run things for their benefit while making all kinds of promises to get themselves in power. Democracy is just a form of socialism and few democracies have lasted over 100 years which is why the US was established as a republic where the government officials are chosen as intelligent representatives…hopefully.

          • You are right. Thanks for posting.
            Love the part regarding intelligent representatives because we never know for sure until they tested while in office.

        • The RepugliKKKan Party Right Wing Fascist Racist Sexist Xenophobic Homophobic White Nationalist Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Sociopathic Conservatives are trotting out the same old ‘Communism/
          Socialism’ bullshit. Trump’s
          Oligarchal Boyfriend Vladimir Putin has promised to let Donnie build a Trump Tower in Moscow after he leaves office
          where they can have their
          Trysts along with all the other Ultra Rich Oligarchs and Plutocrats Worldwide. The
          Deep State. Their USA goal is
          a ‘Government by Oligarchs and Plutocrats’ – GOP.
          The first thing Donnie’s Boy-friend did was ensure Donnie won by funding and fundraising
          for RepugliKKKans, especially $25 million to the Fascist Right Wing National Rifle Asociation,
          and to LLCs controlled by the
          Oligarchs and Plutocrats that used Social Media to spread disinformation about the Left and Democrats. When Donnie lost the National Election, the
          GOP Rigged the Electoral College Vote to get the Win.
          Then the first thing Donnie’s Masters did was push through the $1.3 trillion “Tax Break” to
          pay themselves back for the
          ‘Campaign Contributions/ Donations’ bribes. A ‘Tax Break
          that is now being paid for on
          the backs of the poor and the Working Class, the 99%.
          Anyone that’s in that 99% who
          Voted and still support the
          Conservative RepugliKKKan Psychopathic Sociopathic Fascist Racist Sexist Xenophobic Homophobic White Nationalist Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Donald Trump
          are Idiots and fools. Donnie Trump Colluded with Russian
          Oligarchs including Vladimir
          and is a Traitor and will eventually be tried by the Supreme Court and Convicted
          as a Traitor for Collusion and
          Obstruction of Justice. He’ll be
          shot to death by firing squad.
          That’ll get the GOP rid of the
          loose cannon in their Deep State Worldwide Oligarchal and
          Plutocratic control of Russia and North America and other
          WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) Conservative controlled Nations and Political friends and Forces.

          • You are just fuc….ng out of your mind making such accusatory statements that are fabricated and that have been proven false, untrue and nothing but fake news. You have been brainwashed by the good-for-nothing Dimrats who uses such false statements as cannon fodder in their propaganda machine.

          • When did you check your brain,are you in a stage,of a Coma?
            I can only believe your brain,is dead, are the lite has not been seen
            into your eyes or brain,for years. My opinion is,your a dope ,Brainless
            Idiot. Loud mouths,are just that,nothing to say,except,what they hear from Terrorist,misinformed,and in denial of facts. NO one is 100 % perfect,and the only one I understand was–Jesus Christ ,bar none,before are after,nor future. Get your head out of your Democratic,ass,socialist,Communist B.S. and use reason and try
            to once,look once on facts,not the media,but join the human race
            ,if you,are a Human,not a robot.

          • lets be clear…. you have no ideas of your own so you are invested in getting from others , what you can not earn by your own efforts… you use adult words , but do not understand the meaning of the foundation of the conceots… or can you define the words you use… i love you man , but you can not hate me and care about me in the same breath…
            your wrong and i am right…. but your to afraid of what i might tell you to ever listen long enough for me to show you what your missing… i love you , but not what your invested in… trump is not who i follow… i follow who i want …

            i am not invested in any thing at this point…. BECAUSE I AM A POOR GUY…. I HAVE NOTHING TO INVEST

            real freedom comes…. when you neither owe no dept’s , nor stand among your holdings …. trying to protect what is yours

            true freedom , is when they can take nothing from you…. that you can not replace effortlessly…. and you can do to them …more…. than they can do to you
            who you are…. is in how you define the words “them”

            small men have small enemy’s

            who your friends are , says more about your past , than your present

            what you have in your hand can be replaced …. what you have in your head is lost to time and memory , the people who will come when your in trouble … is your wealth , and the people who will stand with you… next to you in your dangerious hour…. are the true worth of your life
            a man who stands alone against time , will be forgotten the moment he loses his battle

            coin is issued by the goverment….. for the purpose of collection of taxes…. that is the nature of coin , money , money in the bank
            no goverment since the beginning of time….. not once , nor ever will …. issue coin … for the purpose of economy and the welfare of its people or citizens…
            coin is issued for the single and sole purpose to collect taxes … so the goverment can pay for others to do things that the body of authority have directed needs to be done …. for a collective good….. of which the body of rulers are among


            taxes are always self serving …. to the body of those who collect them
            taxes are unnatural …. which then leads logicaly to coin is un-natural ….. which then leads to the question …. why is wealth judged as the volume of coin you have access to , or hoard as numbers in a bank statement
            the answer is rather easy .
            you can do more harm to the taxing authority , than the taxing authority can do to you…. if you stop recognising the value of thire coin
            if you do not use their coins , then the coins have no value , wealth is a collective dellusion , the value of coin is established by the wealthy paying their taxes ….. the poor use coin because the wealthy trade in its usefullness
            logicaly ….. the money value the citizen places on the coins , is the value the taxes have avalable , and results in the power of the state
            if the citizen has a loss of faith in the coin , they attack the foundation of the states power to regulate and control through the authority of taxes and coin


            true wealth is not coin
            true wealth is in the local loyaltys of friends and family , and the common brotherhood of those who stand against the forces acting against the people you know and care about
            coin is an illusion
            your daughter and son are your wealth
            every thing else is just taxes , and a system of slavery that is agrreds to by common illusion

            ressions and economic heating or cooling is just the motions of the illusion changing and adjusting to the political winds of wealthy people who are powerful enough to do more damage to the goverment , than the goverment can do to them

            in short…. our enemy is the socalism of the taxing authority … ours is a very dangerious enemy , but it is important to define who and what they are…. and why they are the enemy , and what makes them the enemy …. to understand them…. you first need to understand what they use as their greatest weapons , and understand how they meet us on the feild of conflict

            …. in this case , we need to avoid piles of coins , for this is what they attack and how they define victory. they define every thing in terms of coin

            …they want the piles of coins , we want what the coins will buy , not the coins…

            and we need to gather ,use ,keep , and make our piles of the coins we gain , beyond the reach of the enemy … so that they can not attack us to steal the coins .

            they are not parasites…. they are preditors

            they do not serve the citizen , they are self serveing , and have but the single goal of stopping all traffic , take every coin to them selves , and put every person in jail , who is not a police officer or jail guard
            we have no specific goal… each person defines their goal by living .
            their goal is to strip us nakid , rape us , and then demand that we pay the wage of those who do the harm


          • Jesus – Your ignorance of history and hate-filled rhetoric toward me and other conservatives is shameful! Everything you stated above is a lie and you don’t even realize it! You demoncrats are just plain evil.
            Study the history of civil rights in America and you will learn it was the Republicans, NOT Demoncrats, that fought to pass the civil rights act. Joe Biden told blacks before the elections that Republicans wanted to put them back in chains. What a moron! Everything out of Biden’s mouth is a lie and that’s why the Demoncrats want him to be their next President. His mind is shot and he won’t even remember his own name in a few more years.

          • Buddy you are an idiot. If you don’t like our president you may as well leave this country. He will be the next term President then Ivanka will have 8 years. By that time Democraps will be the thing of the past. All the crazy words you wrote are the democratic party. It was built under the KKK banner. If you knew anything about history you would know that and know also that slavery was the Democrats. Clinton said read my lips I did not have sex with that woman. He didn’t his Cigar did and his next little democrap ran down her dress. And you call Trump names. Buddy I am an old man and have lived through a lot of government screw ups. But buddy you are brain washed by CNN and Book sense does not make a man smart. LIFE DOES. You better hope there is enough people that can see through the smoke the Democraps have been blowing up our butts. We need to dismantle the Democratic party and start all over with people that has people in mind not themselves. They make 170k per year so figure it up yourself some of the life democrats have up to 50 million dollars and live in Gated walled mansions that is worth 4 to 5 million dollars. They also have armed guards. But they want our guns. NOT they will never get mine. As old as I am life in prison is not that long. Free Meals. room and board , TVs , medicine and health care. Hell that is what the Illegals are getting now. Only they are free to sell drugs rape our children and draw all your S.S. benefits. I have to pay for all that crap now so I would be as well off. We draw about $1200.00 a month S.S. they draw about $3800.00 what’s wrong with that picture. DEMOCRAPS it did not get that bad since 2016.

          • You are a very sick person. I feel sorry for you. Trump has been the best thing in a lot of years. If you are so unhappy, pack your bags and leave the USA

      • You are the one living in a capsule isolated from the rest of the world. Trump is working for ALL the people. Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the democrats are only working to destroy the USA and create their own socialist utopia (which has never and will never exist). BTW, the USA is NOT a democracy, never was and God willing never will be. A democracy is nothing for than mob rule and in every country throughout history that was a democracy has ended in chaos and anarchy. The USA is a Constitutional Republic. The difference? Democracy = mob rule. Constitutional Republic = protection for all, including minorities.

        • Yeah right; Drumpf has been Sooo institutional in protecting minorities, like Mexicans that are legally here, Muslims that are legally here, the black communities around the country, are you really that stupid? Drumpf is only working for the 1% that are in the same income bracket he’s in, for the corporations that donate to his campaign, and for the ignorant deplorables, like you, that make up his base and believe all his lies. Do your research, look back in history, just back to FDR and you’ll find that when there were Democrats in office, our country thrived, we had a surplus of money and no deficit, but when Republican’ts are in off, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and we have massive deficits, just like we do now. Wake up!

          • Look back and see that the Democrats are the ones that have tried to tear down Social Security ever since it’s inception. “Borrowing” from the SS fund at least twice over the years with no intention of repaying it.

          • You mean, LEGAL Muslims like OMAN? Funny how you Left Wing whackos always pull out the race and fascism cards! TRUTH be known, YOUR party is Exhibit A to BOTH! And PRESIDENT Trump is supportive of ALL LEGAL immigration! He supported DACA, but your clowns in Congress said not NO, but HELL NO!

          • Chris – How do people like you even exist here. Everything you said is a lie and actually applies to the Demoncrats. Most of the super rich in America support Demoncrats, not Republicans!
            Also, don’t you and your leftist friends understand that most Muslims here in the U.S. want to replace our constitution with Sharia law? Sharia law would take away the freedoms we now enjoy but in the case of you leftists that would be a good thing! Get ready to bow down to Allah five times a day!

      • You must be one of the communist idiots that can’t get over the fact your Killery was destroyed. Get a life and pay attention to what you’re people are doing to our Republic.

        • NO you can not destroy a she devil (Hillary-Clinton) nor a vessel used and has
          the evil Spirit,that has taken control over the body and mind. The only one
          who can,is the Creator. Demon,s has invaded the Democrat,s and are to
          stupid,to know the difference. Whom do you you trust,are want to Trust ?
          Until I stop seeing false Media,news,and words of hate groups,against our
          setting President and TRUE,( Not made up B.S.) to tear down our Nation and our current,President and what is has done, I”ll stand behind him and
          die,if necessary,to help Keep Socialist,Communism,and Dictatorship,one
          party politics,from running our Nation. BUILD THE DAMN WALL our
          Protection,Not for protection of illegals,Drug Lords,nor Cartels of any kind.

      • Same old retort. Hate the rich even though They produce! You don’t. Poor man does Nothing but suck and play Ginnie, Gimmie.

      • PLEASE pull your head out of your a–. If it were as you say, the dem’s would be running the country, all of us and would be defenseless to do anything about it . with millions of illegals for us( the working class ) to support !

      • You are the one who needs to wake up. The Democrats have been in control of the House for 100 days. They have done nothing about anything except engaging in a criminal conspiracy against the President.


      • What Country are you living in? In can not be USA. Oh wait, I get it. You’re listening to the hopeful dems and libs who want our Country to be a Socialist Government. I get it now.

      • The Dems need to let the President run our country rather than fight him on everything. And dont let the rich businessman use his experience? Let your princess AOC do it. You can come up with the trillions of dollars of debt the idiot socialists like yourself rack up. I’m sick of you people. You’re the reason the country is fighting itself. Sounds like a turbotax commercial, FREE,FREE,FREE. I bet you live in a sanctuary city and now you’re eating your words. Instead of your free healthcare you want. The same crap that will put us all in the ground 10 years earlier. Why aren’t you fighting for a better V.A? Why you were protesting, some of us were watching our brothers and sisters suffer or die. I cant stand you people.

      • Spoken like a true liberal IDIOT HALA = LIBERAL IDIOT STILL DRINKING THE OBAMA KOOL AID . By the way the United State Of America is a Constitutional Republic with. laws it is not a democracy with mob rule !

      • Wake up moron if you tax and regulate to the point of stagnation you have poverty Obama proved that perfectly with an economic growth average of 1.8% for eight years which he stated was impossible to improve on? fact on national TV along with his rant knocking Trump with “does he have a magic wand” comment and he also increased national debt 128% was that good?. Also who do you think pay’s for all the taxes and regulations or the democrats bogus climate change cap & trade carbon taxes the consumer moron and you idiot’s bitch about tariffs that Trump is using to fix bad trade deals started by Bill Clinton that cost the US the entire textile industry millions of jobs. The democrat party or liberals in general will be the death of this nation if there ever allowed to gain the presidency. And again you should also be able to see the value of what the democrats are doing right now which is nothing but obstructing security of our border and attempting to sabotage the economy from moving forward meaning the people losing prosperity why because they want power globalism a one world government wake up to the truth. Europe is in the same fight but more advanced in it’s destruction of there nations look it up along with how great California isn’t that was built by conservatives.

      • Today some one is poor only if they want to be ! If some oine shows ambition and makes an effort notgonly is a job avaialbe plus free training for a technicians position in many diferent fields can be arranged. . . we need good workers not good bellyachers who only want to sit on the couch with a beer in hand while bitching about the boss’es income. The Boss most likely spent many hours and days sweating over his company when he started but he didnt sit down and bitch about why someone is rich and some one is poor. . . .he made the effort and his company grew

      • Your obviously do not know who “OWNS” the Dems and Unions? Mr. George Soros!
        Go to the “Open Borders Foundation” website and read their goals! Soros founded it back in 1985 and has since funded it to the tune of $40 BILLION! Maybe then you will know “What’s Really Going On”???

      • Remember HaHa, It was BHO who Said, You didn’t Build That. Now BHO is Trying to take Credit for a Booming Economy That Is ALL B/C of President Trump, Period! With All the Obstructing courtesy of the Dems And Rinos, President Trump has Still managed to Make America GREAT Again!

      • The damn rich is running the country. There called Life politicians. We need a person that is not a politician that is already rich so he can not be bought out buy big companies and the drug Cartel. You must have had your head in the sand for the last 12 years. If you don’t wake up you will be a Muslim without any freedoms and with no Social Security. Unless you are already There backing them for what you are. If they get in we will lose our guns and our heads as we will never support Muslim.

      • The only ones so far against President Trump is Non American or they all have foreign names anyway. Bet you are living off the Government and here illegal or you would know more about history than what CNN and the Democraps is telling you. read history my good buddy and you then may keep your foot out of your mouth. Leave and you will not be missed by anyone. Trump made his Money in Business. When in America is it bad to be a good business man and not take bribes from The Drug cartels just to vote against what is good for America. The Democrats would sell there souls to the devil to ruin America, Ruin us, Ruin Trump and have us starve to death just so they can get richer. They got a lot of bribe money from the drug cartels from Mexico to keep the border open. They are scared to death the wall will go up and the Cartels will either want there money back or come for them.

      • No you wake up you don’t know how wrong you are,President trump is doing every thing right other Presidents could not do and failed. POLOSI And her Party Are bunch OF 100% TRADERS TO THIS COUNTRY and must be ARRESTED FOR THEIR CRIMES AND MUST BE PUNISHED.They never cared about us the American People and never will care about us the AMERICAN People. President Trump And the Republicans Care about us Americans than the DEMOCRATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • I would not support an idiot like him. He is not fit to be President (neither was Hillary). He is a businessman trying to run the U.S. Govt like a business and you can’t do that. Our National Debt is growing instead of getting smaller because he keeps printing more money to pay for things. His visits to Florida cost about $3million each time he visits. He has already spent more in visits that Obama did in all of his term. Trump is spending more that we have. How would it be if you had a limit and spent MORE than your limit and then went bankrupt for doing so. Sorry – but we need to clean house. Most of the government has already resigned because they can’t work with Trump. Even his children can’t work with him.

      • No doubt the debt is growing. However compare it to Obama who nearly doubled it in 8 years. Most of the government that has resigned has resigned is part of the deep state and they should have resigned for the good of the country.

        • I would like to correct an error, each taxpayers share of the National Debt is NOT $440,000, actually $690,000! Including the unfunded liabilities. So Y’all write your check for as much as you have, and pay the balance next year!

      • YOU must be thinking of Obama who increased the deficit by $10 TRILLION DOLLARS which is more than all the previous Presidents combined. President Trump has increased the deficit by $1 11/2 trillion dollars because Obama destroyed our military and Trump had to pay to replace all that Obama tried to destroy!! Obama, as President, went on more vacations and spent more money than most of the previous Presidents. Trump works when he goes to Florida most of the time he is there. Trump has NOT taken any vacation since he has been President unlike Obama and Michelle who took vacations all the time. Used the taxpayer’s money to travel throughout Europe. Obama will go down as the worst President we have ever had and hopefully you will see Trump who has unemployment the lowest it has ever been and the economy the best it’s ever been as our best President. Stop listening to CNN & MSNBC because they lie about Trump every day!!! Do your own research and learn the truth!!

        Trump has a house at Mara Lago which he owns and it costs the taxpayers nothing for him to go there and play golf on his own golf course which doesn’t cost nothing and the secret service is paid for but would have been paid for in Washington, D.C. too.

      • Trump is spending more that we have? It’s a wonder we have ANYTHING now. Obama spent more that ALL of the presidents COMBINED! ALL!

      • Another idiot libtard!!! We do NOT live in a Democracy: THIS IS A REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC!!! GO STUDY YOUR HISTORY AND CONSTITUTION!!!

      • Did Clinton pay for his $5.8 TRILLION national debt & did Obama pay for his over $10 plus TRILLION debt?

        Plus, did Obama pay for his Ocare by twice stealing $400 BILLION ($800B) from Social SECURITY?

        Did LBJ & DEMOCRATS pay for their Vietnam War using Social Security MONIES?


        SSA, GAO, CBO, CONG RDS, 1963-2016

      • pretty well every thing you said is not true, but you Have done a good job of parroting what the main stream media wants you to say and think. keep in mind that the msm is controlled by the democrats aka deep state.. so sad that you cant wake up from the democrat / liberal stupor. I hope some day you do, I was once a long time staunch democrat, when I had my moment of realization, it was amazing. and I was ashamed for having fallen into the left wing trap. I sincerely hope that some day this happens for you.

      • Obama gave more to the Muslims than any President could waste. We need a President that Is rich so to not sell us out to get richer. He gave his last pay check to the Veterans grave yard to help make it better. No other President has never gave up a pay check. President Trump does not take any pay. He is doing a better job than any of the last 50 years of Presidents. I know I have voted for 50 years in the Presidential elections. I DID not vote for Obama but I did not set back and try to ruin him as our President. That my friends is treason and treason can be punished by death. You do not have the right under free speech to disrespect the President of the United States of America. I did not like Obama and felt he was trying to bring down this country along with Clinton. If she had won you would have something to complain about. We need to run this batch of Democraps out of office and start all over. I am a registered democrat but ashamed to admit it as they have ran this party under ground as crooks.

      • Realy..Where did I get such sexual INFO? For a Pres, who DOES NOT TAKE his Presidential SALARY but gives ALL to charities…yes!- He iS spenfing more on MILITARY!- because ubummer DELIBERATELY DESTROYED Our Military…and since obummer had UNDESIRABLE friends w Dangerous fingers & Attitudes, OUR MILITARY needed re-BUILDING!! Do,READ some NEWS !!!!

      • Just another corrupt Democrat traitor with his head up the Dems ass God bless Trump see him again in 2020 asshole best President we ever had Obama ran his old lady spent Millions on their trips nothing but dirty dogs both of them Obama legitimate president was born in Kenya screwed up this country Trump will clean up his mess they will all be indicted!

    • I am an old Vietnam Vet 67/68 and I don’t stand behind Trump him I stand beside him.. I will fight for Trump and our create Country any time..

      • Spoken like a true hero. It doesn’t matter how many tours I did or where I went. I will never have more respect than I do for our Vietnam veterans. Thank you Danny. AND GO 10th Mountain! (Had to put that in there)

      • Thank you for your service. You are a good man and needs everyone’s respect. Thank you for Backing the best President we have had in office in 50 years, Reagan was a good president but he had no backing either. I do not look at parties anymore. I look at people that stand for us and this country. I will Stand Beside him as well . I would also fight beside him for our freedom of religion, Protecting our southern border, saving the social security system and the American Way. You know why the Democraps want the Illegals here one for votes, two so they can run the Social Security we all paid in for years till it is broke . This way they can get Socialism in America. If they do we will be like all the other countries that are starving to death. But they will only get richer. They know in there heart everything Pelosi says is against what they believe in.

    • TRUMP is our ONLY hope if we don’t want to ‘circle the drain’ per OBAMA’S AGENDA. I can’t wait for all the corrupt Obama-era lemmings are prosecuted and ALLLLLLL of the lies rise to the surface. “we the people” are being ERASED AND REPLACED by the Democrat party … as they prefer ILLEGALS to us. we can’t let that happen! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY and we don’t need INVASIONS, MORE CRIME, DISEASE, AND OVERWHELMING OF OUR SCHOOLS, HEALTHCARE, FREE EVERYTHING! it’s OUR TURN. get the ‘rats’ out! they WORK FOR US, yet we have NO say in how they spend OUR TAX money! upside-down. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND AMERICA.

      • AMERICANS are at danger if losing our nation in 1 1/2 yrs

        Thanks to new DEMOCRATS , SOCIALISTS & radical Muslims in Congress

        • The American people are patriots true Patriots we will get rid of all these socialists they are gone Pelosi and Schumer will be going with them love illegal aliens shit on the American people we will give them just what they deserve come next election

    • I am all for supporting my president, but he has got to go. you call dems socialist, when drump is anything but the american way, what agenda are u talking about? he has known all he said was how he is going to change things witout putting anything in place, he is so secretive, and is a godless crook. am not a republican nor demacrat. i believe in the constitution. and if he stays we will become slaves to the elite, and are jobs overseas. and he isnt the first presidant to build are army, it was always strong, he needs to spend on education, jobs, infastructure, emproving are way of life, family values, and diplomacy which he has failed, he wasnt even a good businessman and u thing he can help economy. he must go. not for me. we look weak, and ignorant with him

      • Uhh if Pres TRUMP is a “crook” than WHAT was hhildabag, and the Kenyan SOCIALIST, besides THE biggest FAKE..??!!!!

      • True Democrat traitor you don’t like this country get the hell out you’re not wanted take all the Democrats With you we the American people will save this country right beside Trump God bless Trump see him again in 2020

      • Because DEMOCRAT Party OBSTRUCTION

        Stop WATCHING lyibg MAINSTREAM media

        Poverty, welfare are down by MILLIONS

        More JOBS than WORKERS, a 1st in USA IN RECORD TIME

        GAO, CBO, CONG RDS

      • Oh, so you DO NOT READ..!??
        He “CONTRIBUTES” his SALARY…
        EVERY 3 months…to VETS, to organizations that HELP …..

      • Democrats are the one who was doing that don’t care about the American people just illegal aliens and foreigners they kiss all their asses Americans need to wake up before you lose your rights in Freedom’s your children will suffer for it if you don’t hang in there with Trump he’s the only one to clean up the mess

    • 1who gives him the chance? 2who could do better?3do we like illegal people in the country?4do we want our jobs sent over seas?5do we like depending on other countries for our everyday lifestyle? 6do we like our parties bitching about whats best for them instead of the country?7do you like liars ? if you don’t like any of this you should give trump a chance hell he cant fight for whats right for us because of the press and unrespectful people in general including dumb ass law suits and screwing porn stars who cares?

    • President Trump is human and not a phony politician. He is looking out for our Nation and all citizens of this wonderful Country. He ran on various platforms and has accomplished a lot with out help from Democrats and some Repoblicans. Just think if those politicians stopped thinking on how to get reelectd and consintraded on what they promised their constituents , how much more could be accomplished. It’s sad isnt it. Why do we elect these selfish humans , but even more important do nothing to rid ourselves the second time around?

  2. I’d feel better if the dems would stop the obstruction and help solve the problems. It’s always the same 7 or 8 dems that sabotage the progress in americap

    • Sure, not like the Republican’ts did to Obama when he was trying to help the country. Of course since you’re a bunch of racist dogs, you didn’t like Obama simply because he was a black man. What a bunch of cretins you are! Oh, since you’re too stupid to know what a cretin is, it’s someone that’s not smart enough to be a moron…

      • you are the complete idiot, wake up stupid brainless twit’s , before your kiss’s and grandkid’s grow and realize how uneducated and ignorant that you truly are:) It has nothing to do with being black , at least President Trump Isn’t daily making you bend over so he can screw you, has a beautiful wife who look’s like a female, not a fricken Drag Queen, boy toy(Michael to play with:) smile’s to you:)

        • hey, listen everyone is allowed to have opinions, as long as we can disagree and not kill each other i agree that trump is the worst for are democracy, but we need to learn how to talk without ousting each other, they want us devided, i believe trump will say anything to get us to vote, but he doesnt help us. has he gotten are good jobs back, no has he maid a better plan for healthcare, no he just said he wants to take it away, without another to replace. that means we wont have health care until he gives us one, i love america but we need to wake up and stand together

          • You know Branden, YOU have to do your part. If you don’t have a good job, try working a bit harder and better and same goes for all things. YOU put the effort into life and you’ll get good things out of it. Life does not owe you anything and won’t give you anything. YOU have to work for it.
            Trump has made and is making the way possible, work for it Boy. You’ll get there!!!!

          • We need to get rid of all the corrupt Democrats like you then we will take America back and make it what it’s supposed to be what I forefathers and all the veterans fought for you’re an asshole Trump the best thing that ever happened to this country go whine somewhere else in a corner.

      • and your headed to hell the way that people like you are carrying on, NEWSFLASH:) Don’t stick on the I AM DUMB STICKER planted on your but!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Follow paloosey and crying chuckie because they wouldn’t be able to survive without all of your money, your still letting them still steal from you like sheep to the slaughter:) what the republican’s did to Obama? oh, like when he read through the night and passed bill’s in the morning to cost all of us more money, do you ignorant asses not notice how much better we are on all side’s all due to our Commander and Chief and his wonderful family, hail to our Commander and Chief in office, who care’s that he is rich, why? because he made the right decision’s to be rich? At least he’s not stealing from us like the previous jackass did for eight long year’s:) Smile’s to you:)

        • You are an ass too. Our Economy may be doing fine, but our healthcare system is going to the dogs because of this idiot. He needs to fix the Affordable Care Act instead of trying to replace it. AND it CAN be fixed if the Republicans were willing to fix it. Just because the Republicans hate the Democrats and anything they have created is the reason why they want to “Repeal & Replace” But the stupidity of the Trump Administration is – Come up with a plan BEFORE you announce that you want to repeal and replace something. AND Rick Scott doesn’t know his ass from a whole in the wall. He will never come up with a better plan – he ripped off Medicare for billions years ago. I don’t trust him with a 100 foot pole.

          • Chris Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            I thought I could keep my Dr. I thought I could keep my Health care plan ? I thought my rates wouldnt go up? Pass it and you will see whats in the bill?

          • DEMOCRATS created Obamacare

            OBAMA stoke $800 BILLION to pay for OCARE

            180,000,000 Americans lost their HC THANKS TO DEMOCRATS & Baracki H Obama

            So what is your misinformed comment?

            HHS, GAO, CBO, CONG RDS, 2009-PRESENT

          • All corrupt Democrats and nothing more than pigs Trump’s best President we ever had God bless Trump see him again in 2020 drain the damn swamp

      • Odummy was trying to help the country by destroying all of the advances made against racism, going around the world apologizing for America, weakening our military, embracing the depravity of LBGTXZY, weaponizing the FBI, DOJ and CIA against American citizens, selling our uranium to Russia, trying to deplete American wealth and redistribute it through the guise of The Paris Climate Agreement, giving billions in cash to our enemy Iran, partnering with the evil of the Bilderberg Group, putting Islam in the White House with terrorist groups like CAIR, protecting the criminal Hillary Clinton, etc.
        His entire 8 years in office was one major crime scene.

        • The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama was NEVER a LEGAL sitting US President and the US Congress knew it from the get go January 2009 ! The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama admitted to being born in Kenya March 7 1960 on a trip there summer of 2018 . Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution states as one of the provisions to be US President one must be a Natural Born US Citizen . The fraud and usurper barack hussein Obama’s birth in Kenya says he is not a Natural Born US citizen and if that is not enough for you his father was NEVER A US CITIZEN . Natural Born Citizen for Dummies !

      • Hell we should hurry up and elect Chris while he is the smart ass Dumbocrap that we always recognize as soon as they open their mouth! We all recognize them immediately because they have shit for brains and diarrhea of the mouth, just like their Dumbocrap parents taught them! The only good news about them is their condition is terminal and we don’t have to listen to them long!!!!!!!

        • im not a democrat nor a republican, the true meaning of both partys, arent the way they used to be, i dont like trump, i think he isnt a good presidant, he hasnt delivered what he is trying to sell. and are army was just as strong way before trump, we need deplomacy if were gonna get jobs and the economy back. we are to far right and to far left. the powers want us devided. so the can do what they want under are nose, and then its to late, we are gonna destroy are own country fighting this way, we are all one nation, and we can disagree, but we cant devide or we loose

          • Trump is the 1st transparent POTUS in U.S. history

            Trump has delivered more than candidate Trump promised

            If it wasn’t for obstructionist DEMOCRATS/SOCIALIST/MUSLIMS, US WOULD FIX MSNY PROBLEMS LIKE:
            1) INFRASTRUCTURE
            2) IMMIGRATION
            3) HC
            5) VOTER FRAUD


      • If he was so disliked because he was black, why was he elected with the help of many white people. I would not have cared if he had been pink and purple polka dotted if his policies were pro America and they were not. He did not want to help America. In my lifetime I doubt that this country will ever completely recover from the damage he and his dem buddies did to the country.

      • Lets look at Obama, Chris. When Obama became President we were in a Recession, with GDP (Gross Domestic Product) Growth at +1.6% per year. After his 8 years in office, the GDP Growth rate had DROPPED to only +0.6% per year, a DEPRESSION figure. After Trump took office, The GDP Growth by the year 2018 was +3 percent and increasing. Instead of 1/3 of the American workforce on Food Stamps under Obama, Trump, by his policies, has created over 14,000,000 new jobs, dropped Unemployment to 3%, The LOWEST since 1969! He has decreased Unemployment for minorities to the lowest levels in History: African-American 5.9%, Hispanic 4.5%, Asian-American2.9%. Female Unemployment 3.6%, The LOWEST since 1953! There are currently MORE Job Openings than there are Job-seekers. Youth Unemployment 9.2%, the lowest since July,1966. Why do you think his approval rate, in spite of Leftist Media constant attacks, since he took office in Jan. 2017, is at 50% and CLIMBING? Get a clue, Chris! SMH LOLOL. TRUMP 2020!!!

        • Dummy the numbers the real employment has been used to make Trump look good truth is hard to come by with a man Lies 89.8% of the time this country is headed for a deep recession and re-election of this Clown will only deepen the massive economic crisis facing this nation, in the past 60 years I have not seen a worse idiot ever it’s Time to Dump the Trumpets and Trump in one mass Grave.

      • Chris. It’s time to wake up. Barry Obama betrayed our Country. So many times. One of the biggest was supporting The Government of Iran. A country who wants our demise. They have even admitted it. Death to America. But Chris, if I have to even point any of this out, it’s pointless. You already know this, and you still support him. I know, I know, when you cant fight the truth, just scream real loud that we are ALL racists avoid the truth..He was THEE most un American President we EVER had. No one even comes close. And my Friend, it has 0, zilch, not a thing to do with the color of the mans skin. 0. But you know that too. The only racist here is you. Cause you just assume I’m racist because I tell the truth about Barry? Chris, Go tell that to my real good close African american friends. They will set you straight..but I doubt u will listen.

      • IF we’re Racists- Why was Obama voted in? he had NO political experience. We hoped for the Best then people voted him in again! Americans were past The Color issue but Obama + Michelle constantly brought Color into their speeches + vocabulary. Humans need 2 be Humans- stop thinking separately.

      • Of course, nothing to prove what is written, so play the race card! How do you think Obama was elected his first term? It was primarally those “racist” people you speak of!

  3. i believe president trump is doing a fantastic job & its terrible that his own party wont support him & his efforts, this counntry was not built on socialism, it has never worked *& never will, freedom isnt free! we are going in the wrong direction!!

    • Can you imagine what Trump can accomplish if it wasn’t for DEMOCRATS/SOCIALISTS/MUSLIMS in both Houses of CONGRESS ?

  4. Well said Jim Eldridge. The Trump part of the country is doing great while every other facet of the government and society is completely delusional.

    • Why isn’t there any mention of the terrible illegal immigration problem?!?Our Democrat dominant government has decided to sell us out to the illegals. They have decided that the only way they can stay in power is to sell us out to the uneducated illegals.

          • Voters need to remember at the polls and vote out all RINOs who side with the democrats. Also, vote out all democrats.

        • Darned good question, Dupes. I blame those RINOs even more than the demonKKKrats. They should have stood strong with President Trump, moved OUR agenda forward and they would have kept the House while completely destroying the Left.


  5. The country needs Trump to win 2020.
    We know the Democrats will do everything in their evil power to stop that from happening, from sabotage to terrorism to all out rigging the machines. May The good lord stop them.

    • The only evil cheaters are the lying Republicans and their dumb supporters. Proven voter fraud in NC and likely elsewhere, gerrymandering of districts to give them an unfair advantage, etc. Your party is the one that’s been found likely to rig the voting machines in their favor.

      • Are you kidding me?? In California, it is the Dems. that want to give illegals the vote and how about L.A. County that has 144% more registered voters than people eligible to vote? It is the Dems that want to lower the voting age to 16, my God give me a break.

      • DupesParrotGOPbs: You need to stop drinking the democrats kool-aide – it is people like you who are delusional, and obstructing our government!! If anyone is spreading BS it’s you and people like Pelosi; Waters; AOC… the whole democrat party!! The “proven” voter fraud you refer too is all on the democrats – not the republicans!!!

      • DupesParrotGOPbs
        Just the opposite is true. Talk about gerrymandering. Illinois gerrymandered so much they took individual precincts in Peoria out of the Peoria district and put them with Moline to strengthen the democrat vote in the far Western part of the state. Don’t blame republicans for what democrats having been doing for decades.

    • And then in 2024 & 2028 A Pence/Trump Team,
      16 years of driving the democratic socialists crazy,
      and the country remaining free and healthy.

    • Ask yourself the question “Why has there been so many resignations from the Trump Adminstration?” Because Trump is an idiot. No one can work with a man who screws you and doesn’t pay the people he hires. Why can’t he show the public his tax return – because he is screwing the government and hiding plenty. He was bankrupt several times and did not pay his taxes like the rest of America. He is a total liar. Every President lies and makes promises and never keeps them. As for immigration – get all the illegal aliens out of this country as fast as you can. They are causing much of our problems, stealing from the Americans. Why can’t we go back to the 50’s and 60’s when you could trust someone. Today you cannot trust anyone.

      • cause its none of your dam business, and because if your not doing the job right…hit the road…. would you keep someone you hired if they did a lousy job?of course you would right…………………………………………….

    • Didn’t work last time! We, the American people should DEMAND that whenever a party is caught cheating in an election, their candidate automatically hands the win to the other candidate!

  6. AOC, OMAR, and Tlaib must be given their walking papers and disappear from government. As President Trump would say, “your fired.” These are three cancers that will destroy the demoncrats and hand the 2020 election to President Donald Trump. Pelosi is powerless, a puppet, and as such not up to the job! If the demoncrats even hope to win in 2020, it will not happen with these three cancers in the party. GUARANTEED! There is no place for socialism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Israel in America today! Demoncrats, wake up and smell the coffee!

  7. Rump should have never started the border wall,it’s going to come down eventually.Look what happened to the German wall.Rump is an idiot.Worst president EVER.

    • John you must be an idiot, well said for a Democrat, Trump didn’t start the wall, its been here for years, he just wanted to finish what wasn’t done, and our wall is to keep the illegals out, the German wall was to keep their people in, any who tried to escape were shot.. WE want people to come in but thru the gates legally and we don’t prevent anybody from leaving. Trump is probably the best President we have had ever, the man for the times, we would be totally shot as a country by now,had Hillary won and continued the goals of the worst President we ever had. Trump leads from the front, hard for guys like you to recognize since you had 8 years of leading from behind, I could go on and on but even you must get the picture by now………

      • I agree with U john ,, however ,, these Morans domn”t seem to respond to good things …. as they have been so Dang Branwashed ,’ they don’t know the differemnce Or rigjht from wrong …. Very sad for this country to have to guess ,, and wonder ,Who ?what ? or why some one would be so arragent and evil against Good People …….. I pray for D Trump every day ,,cuz I Know these Idiots are putting him through hell mentally …they have NO respect … or even understand ,,that Trump is our last chance to help him clean out the swamp in congress and be supportive to him and stop listening to FAKE News BS ) as they have been LIEing and are paid to do so …. by people i have mentioned … ,,AS THEY are the bigghiest problem ,,along with their Money bags BACKING THEM .. GEORGE SOROS, ‘ OBAMA HILLER KILLER , AL SHARPTON , MAXINE WATERS NANCY PEOLSI , JOHN KERRY ,(the sneeky TRATIOR ) LIKE OBAMA IS AND STILL IS ,,as he Obama, bought an paid for that Omar..woman ) from Muz country thats married to 3 isis men … all these people plus, > many more ,,must be taken out of Popwer & most LOCKED UP IN >> PRISON FOR A LONG LONG TIME An all they own TO PAY BACK ALL WHAT THE’VE STOLIN ….. ALL MONEYS TOO ..THEN WE WILL REBNUILD THIS COUNTRY .. any one realize ??how much money these people have taken an stolen from Gov & SS ?? BIllions and trillions, ‘ yours and my money … SORRY ABOUT ALL YOU BRAINWASHED FOLKS ,,IT’S TIME TO EDUCATE YOUR SELFS TO TRUTH … hah ?? …AMEN TRUMP IS A CHOSEN MAN BY GOD … JUST LIKE MOSES WAS about time ya’ll woke up ?? hah ?? ( THINK ABOUT IT ) READ THE SCRIPTURE MOSES ,,HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF GIVE HIM SOME SLACK , an look in your own back yard and around you ?? wake up and see what this country has been doing ?? SEE ALL CORRUPTION .. comes from
        demoncrat Moneys …by G Soros the communist ) so ,,,ARE YOU ALL WITH OUT SIN ?? CAST THE FIRST STONE IF YOU ARE ,,,OTHERWISE SHUT THE HELL UP AN STOP ACCUSING ..LOOK AN LISTEN TO TRUTH and don’t be bought by Santanic Lies ……..and start praying Ask Jesus & God & learn … AMEN

    • Cleary are you are one of those who don’t work and/or have nothing to defend. Most likely you own nothing and care about nothing. Therefore you do not lock your doors. You don’t have a fence around your yard, you don’t lock your home or car ever because you don’t have either. You have nothing to defend like family. If, you had any of the above you would also know the fence is the first line of defense of your family.
      My home is made up of walls, windows and doors. The walls provide structure resistance against the wind and the elements. The windows allow light air and resistance when closed. Doors allow me to go in and out of my house and phone resistance when they are closed. What doors are for is common knowledge worldwide.
      I work very hard to obtain what I have. Only people who do not respect what I have, seek to take, will climbed my walls and come through my windows! Knocking on my door means dealing with me and my rules.
      Rules that only apply to a thief if they get caught!

    • Obama was a disgrace to America and the Human Race. As long as you Dumbocrats keep spilling your evil and hate this Country can’t prosper. You need to be shipped out along with the immigrants.

      • Obama didnt know what he was doing…the only thing he did was put thousands of people on welfare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and guess who pays for it????????????? I cant talk any more to morons…….have a nice life…………….

    • YOU are a moron —First PRESIDENT Trump didn’t start the wall Second What the hell wall did the Germans build Third the wall will only come down when the congress and judicial system start enforcing the border Let me know when PRESIDENT TRUMP stops living rent free in your mindless head.

    • You may be right John Chavez. What we really need is a select group of military style sniper sharpshooters to solve the problem. Wouldn’t take but a couple of times to get the message across. Something to think about as a last resort.

    • John Chavez is right – he is the worst President in the history of our country. He is definitely NOT “Making American Great Again” He is destroying it. Why can’t our government fix the problem with guns and STOP all this mass shooting. We all know that you can’t take away everyone’s guns because the crooks will find ways to get them anyhow, but we can make sure they take bump stocks and assault rifles off the streets. If we wish to follow the 2nd amendment, let those with a pistol keep their guns, but no assault rifles permitted. I was around the corner when the Parkland shooting happened. And to this day, we are still seeing mass shootings. Why can’t this be stopped? The government is not doing anything to stop this because the NRA owns the Republican party. If it wasn’t for the NRA, there would be no money to pay for things in the government. The NRA actually controls the government.

  8. The democrat party is now run by a bunch of un-American radicals. When AOC can say that America is 10% better than trash, and her own party won’t call her out, they’re telling us exactly who they are. Saul Alinsky anarchists for the most part. They won’t condemn anti-semetic hatred, or coddling terrorists, or Maxine Watters rants. Shifty Shiff leaks like a sieve, lies, and openly colludes with someone pretending to be a Russian informant, and no one says a word. They must think we are dumber than Nancy Pelosi. I can’t wait for the whole party to implode on itself. No group of idiots ever deserved it more.

  9. So disappointed in the turncoat Republicans that refuses to support our President. We voted for you to support our Conservative ideas and help keep America a free country. You are no different than a Democrat. Liar,turncoat and coward. You are a shame and disgrace to the position you were voted into by the American people.

  10. Welfare needs to be limited to 6 months- 1 year- period unless you are ill or truly unable to work- welfare is a crutch creating a lazy society

  11. You missed the question most
    dear to my heart.
    Most important issue to me, presently is those rights to which Americans most entitled.
    #1 for good reason.
    Freedom of speech and freedom of expression
    has all but been abandoned by
    whacky Left.
    2). Right to bear arms. Don’t hunt, abhor violence.
    Clearly, the Founding Fathers did not pen the second amendment to hunt.
    Less than funny that there is an outrage crazily proposing #guns kill#, as do cars, cancer, etc..
    Meanwhile, as our Southern border is largely unprotected,
    some 70+ Americans die annually while drugs flow over our Southern border.

    • “Fathers did not pen the second amendment to hunt.”
      They placed no restriction on the bearing of arms, yes, they were well aware of how a government can violate the unarmed citizen and to Have an armed citizenry would deter that, but the words are THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGE.

        • I have multiple firearms of both rifle and pistol in my house. None of them has ever tried to do anything except stay where they were put. I would bet that no assault rifle would be any different. The uninformed public sees a black rifle styled in a particular way and immediately jumps to the conclusion it is an assault rifle. I doubt you even know what an assault rifle really is.

  12. The demoncrap party is dead and needs to be called for what they are, the demoncraptic socialist party and if anyone wants to belong to that substandard pack of lying theives then they should move to a communist Country or else. If they keep up their shit they are going to start the 2nd un Civil war and they will be annihlalated from DC. If President Trump wants to call up the Militia to Defend this Country of ours I’m sure theres more than enough US Constitutionalists and ex Military to take him up on the request.

    • Don’t forget the children of the Greatest Generation. They are all 70 or older now, but many are still able bodied and would join the fight to save our Constitution and way of life.

    • ya’ll said it R IGHT mR fedup365 ,,, AS I’VE ALWAYS SAID ,,IF GUNS WERE OUTLAWED ,, ONLY OUTLAWS WOULD HAVE GUNS so , guess im an outlaw lol I’M KEEPING MINE , AND HAVENT FIRED IT FOR YEARS , BUT IT’S MINE ..) ….. GUNS ARE NOT THE KILLERS ,IT’S THE MENTAL & AND UNSTABLE , ‘ & THE IGNORENT ,& GANGS , all these criminals plus more ,,, that do the killings ,,,,AN YA AN i THINK WERE ALL IN FOR a Big Battle if something don’t get better ,,,,, we all have had enough of the B S enough is enough No more WE MUST TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY ….AMEN in JESUS NAME i PRAY ..AMEN AGAIN

  13. We would all be better off if the RINOS would support President Trump.
    They lack guts, integrity and just downright irrational haters. Drain The Swamp.

  14. In all my years of voting I have never seen such a joke the way Democrats have basically gone after Trump instead of doing their jobs to create a better country! What a bunch of idiots! We need to change already the administration America has stuped to another level putting Muslims and liberals like Cortez in office who say things against the president and get away with it! At one time they would be tried for treason and hanged! Well need to bring that back! Beware my friends a real Civil War is on the horizon! LOAD UP!! Take care!

  15. Adolescent Congress: Why are members of Congress acting like adolescent adults? Why not let any President regardless of party affiliations do the things they were elected to accomplish? There are mid terms, 4 years or 8 years so undoing those things that became objectionable, unworkable or unprincipled; verses creating gridlock. For me this allowing of “passives approach” would make democracy more favorable system of government.

    • Do you understand why the Founding Fathers did NOT give us a democracy as our form of government? Instead, they gave us a Constitutional Republic. Historically, no democracy has lasted long. All fell into chaos and then anarchy as soon as the lazy learned they could vote in a government that would give them everything they wanted at the expense of the not lazy. Following the chaos and anarchy comes a dictator and tyranny. A Constitutional Republic protects the rights of the few against the mob rule of the many and it is the most successful type of government ever devised by man.

      In Short: Democracy is NEVER a “more favorable system of government”.

  16. Donald Trump is a narcissistic moron. He is destroying the fabric of not only our country but he is well on the way toward destroying the world. I wish to God he would resign.

      • Ya all why are the Nordic Countrie seen as some of the greatest places to live. And now are being taken down because of you war mongers that have caused horrific problems throughout the world Just keep putting our money into wars and we will never see a better world. You 1% live off the backs Of socialism every day. You extreme capitalists with your tax breaks are actually obscene capitalists living every day taking advantage off any socialist program that helps get you more obscenely richer. You call it being successful.and ambitious and people not like you lazy You make me sick. My Swedish immigrant grandpa was not lazy only looking to get away from a country of monarks like. the one in the White House. Ask a Swede were he would rather live now after they have become a SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC government not being ruled by a king. Oh ya you right wingers anti immigrant party is sucking the good out the Nordic Countrys Now too. Keep it up ,,you like war so much ,,you
        800billion dollar war mongers ,,we’re heading for one on our own soil. Oh guess what I’ve got my stash of guns and ammo for it myself,,just like number 2. allows me to have. Only thing is if I us it you stick me in one of YOUR socialist prisons were you house the poor. Get it straight people those prisons sure aren’t there for OBSCENE CAPITALISTS Y’all have a good day now ya hear. From
        a 64yr old white grey haired male just trying to enjoy my life on a SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PENSION from a Carpenter pention plan. The oldest socialist democratic organization in the country. We new big business was not-going to allow us that


    • Arthur Lockwood
      Are you really saying you prefer socialism to living free to make your own choices. If so, I strongly suggest you move to Venezuela and see just how well that has worked out for others. Venezuela was the richest country in South America, then they voted for a socialist government. Today, there is no jobs, no healthcare and no food. People are starving and dying needlessly from lack of basic necessities of life.

      Most of the democrat politicians are openly saying they want to turn the USA into a socialist country. They promise Utopia, but will only deliver misery. The socialist ideal is a failed experiment in every case it has been attempted. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That is what socialism is all about.

    • WAKE UP get you head OUT of your ASS !!! this country is in the BEST shape than it has for many years !!! better watch OAN news and get you facts STRAIGHT !!! the illegals as of this day is costing us TAX PAYERS OVER 63 BILLION dollars as of the first of this year ALONE.. so WAKE UP IDIOT !!!

      • Illegal aliens aren’t costing us a damn thing you idiot; they work and are taxed, but don’t ever get to see the benefits of those taxes, because they’re not citizens, So who do their taxes benefit? Simple minded pieces of shit like you, that’s who, you dumb fucking asswipe!

  17. Thank God for Trump. If we didn’t have him we wouldn’t have America. He is the best there is.
    Those nasty dirty Demo(RATS) don’t dive a damn about our country all they want is MONEY and POWER. We need to get them all out of the swamp and the sooner the better. I can not believe all the crap they are doing to our country.

  18. President Trump is trying so much to improve conditions..the EVIL DEMORATS and George Soros have interfered heavily against Trump. And, included, his own party who has too many Liberals in it.
    Rkepublicans can put this all together if they were TRUE to their party.

  19. PRESIDENT TRUMP has done more for this country in 3years then the others did put together all they did was work to improve their lives and keep the promises to the special interests that put them there

  20. 3 Major things I am concerned about…healthcare coverage for a single person…..illegal immigration, and the environment..not all necessarily in that order….Trump should focus more on keeping our environment clean,safe, and good for wild areas, wildlife and people .

  21. Donald Trump is hands down the worst in my 75 years.
    Maybe if he would say something intelligent, or even say two sentences without lying in two if them.
    We chose between two corrupt candidates and decided that the one known as corrupt business man was the best choice.
    No one ever considered that he hadn’t the slightest idea how to run a country.
    I went to the polls in 2016 with the knowledge we had no one qualified to be president on the ballot.
    I am used to voting for the person I considered to be the least detrimental ever since I voted for Reagan, the time I actually voted for someone I wanted to be president.
    I voted for Hillary. I hate Hillary. But I firmly believe we would not be in the sad situation we are now. I ave voted Republican the vast majority of the time. But if the GOP cannot come up with a better candidate, there is virtually no way I’ll vote Republican.
    That said, I did claim there would be no way I’d vote for Hillary in the last election. But, in greatest idiotic move I’ve ever witnessed by either party, Trump was selected to be the Republican candidate. I mean, really?

  22. trump has failed at everything he’s tried divided the country made a laughing stock of himself all over the world and surrounded himself with criminals just like he is

    • THAT IS WHERE YOUR WRONG 100%,he Does not!,it is the democrats that are a bunch of criminals and 110% traders to this Country,and associates of gang members,everyone of the Democrats should Be arrested AS TRADERS TO THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!!.

  23. Trump is the best. Sticks and stones all you snowflakes. Not even worth trying to have an intelligent conversation about policy because you lazy socialists/communists don’t even know how to.

  24. We need to get behind our President and make sure all the world knows how strong it is right now to keep moving forward and the current administration is moving us in the right direction even with all the DEMS putting us though all they have, when nothing they do is productive. The DEMS are all about fighting and having everything there way. I heard someone say the other day all the DEMS want is one party ruling the whole country. Anything but that is wrong and not going to happen. At least they finally said what it is and only the DEMS know how to run this country all they do is take for themselves.

  25. To all of you who want socialism in this great country we call America. I am part of the one percent, and I can assure you, if the government ever tries socialism in this great country, it will see 99% of the wealthy including myself leave. Why? Let’s say they do implement the 70% tax rate.. I can, and I will leave this country along with all the money I bring into the economy and the jobs I offer as well. The other wealthy will also leave, because we made that money, not the government, not you, we worked our butts off sometimes over 100 hours a week, days without food, days without sleep, months without family. Some of you may not even work 40 hours or work at all. What’s going to happen once the wealthy leave? The government will have no other option but to tax the rest of the people very who cannot leave this country and who can’t even afford to feed themselves. If socialism is what the people want I will very happily leave.

  26. I cannot believe you republicans can live with all of Trumps lies and still support him. I love WikiLeaks 110 times on TV and now doesn’t know anything about WikiLeaks. He calls the media fake news and the last two to do that was Nixon and Stalin and you know what they were like. He is just plain an evil man and you republicans are brainwashed. Even his republican senators are finally waking up and complaining about him. ome that have left because of him are saying they will vote for a democrat instead of him. He has been a crook all his life and his values are just plain horrid. Sorry, I am not a democrat. I have voted republican many times but will never vote for someone who is so dishonest. Criticize me if you want but look yourself in the mirror about what values you are supporting.

  27. President Trump will be offered a Nobel Prize for his great accomplishments in the US and around the world.
    Popular and powerful for his wisdom in solving problems, protecting, saving the US, in so many ways.

  28. President Trump will be offered a Nobel Prize for his great accomplishments in the US and around the world;
    Popular and powerful President Trump for his wisdom in solving problems & protecting the US, in so many ways:
    1-Ending the Nuclear War with North Korea
    2-Gaining Billions of dollars from Tariffs & from being wasted to foreign countries
    4-Defeating ISIS
    5-Protecting the US-Americans from undocumented illegal criminals; by building border security WALL, etc.
    6-Tax cuts
    7-Ending Obama Health Care Penalty for people without health Insurance

  29. In the Court of Law, you need to have proof and evidence to support your allegations.
    Mueller’s report proved the allegations were untrue; we are asking Americans not to vote for fake & illegal allegations.
    Mueller’s report proved the allegations were untrue
    And the president is innocent.

  30. the media is so anti Trump and the dummycrats as well that they don’t see anything good and that is sad. The new dummycrats such as aoc, omar, and talib are spouting garbage that some of our young believe which is so sad. What is really sad is movie stars are trying to influence people that Trump is bad for the country,the problem with that their craft suffers they should pay attention to what they do for their lively hood instead of politics all it is they like to see there pictures in the news media. i’m not a politician I am retired computer science and engineering person with a PhD I this country needs someone to clean the swamp.Schummer and Pelosi need to go as well anyone who says that we need to pass a bill to see what is in it has something wrong with theit minds.

  31. Thank God for Donald J. TRUMP ! He will win HUGE in 2020, the people of this Great Country are tired of the relentless opposition resistance movement that is a cancer to our Democracy.! Democrats, Republicans and Independents will vote overwhelmingly for TRUMP in 2020 !!! BANK ON IT !!!

    TRUMP was NOT my first, second, third, forth or fifth pick for PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, but HE WILL BE MY FIRST PICK IN 2020, I am now registered as an NPA (Non Political Affiliation), both Republican & Democratic parties are corrupt , THE INDEPENDENTS WILL DECIDE THE PRESIDENT FOR 2020, AND IT WON’T BE A SOCIALIST OR HOMOSEXUAL! The everyday citizen wants safety and security first for our Country, and secondly they want a Booming Economy and Healthcare! Trump is the only Candidate to bring this into fruition. God Bless our Country and God Bless Donald J. Trump!

  32. Trump is great. He has let the world know that The U.S.A. is not going to be taken advantage of …like we are now at the border with NO wall ..WE NEED A WALL…NOW . My Vote in 2020 will be for TRUMP GOD BLESS THE USA.. AND ARE 2020 PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP……

  33. Got back from NAM 1968-1969 everybody said vote 70 yrs old I hate the corksuckers and I always vote GOP as I always say SCREW UM. Notice how the RATS are jumping ship wait till 2020.Lot of them will be clanging cups on the BARS I just hate it when that happens don’t you boo hoo.

  34. It’s always interesting how people will throw the words out there that this one is lying that one’s lying Trump did not collude with Russians he has put more sanctions on Russia is any five or six or seven presidents before him since he’s been in office the people that colluded with Russia or during the Obama Administration Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State got a hundred twenty million dollars donated to her foundation by the Russians then the Russians got a sweetheart deal for uranium a nuclear technology. The reason Trump is being investigated so hard is so Hillary doesn’t is not investigated and so that the pressure be taken off Joe Biden’s son who got 1.5 billion dollars from the Chinese Sherlock to know what that was for Trump’s doing all I can for our country he has to fight up against not only the Democrats but but some on his own party the left and the Democrats are trying to ruin our country the Democrats that control certain States 15 time right now have recently passed laws so they can take their Electoral College votes and put them where they want to that means that’s going to be almost impossible for Trump or any other Republican to become president in the next election cycle everything the Democrats and leftists are doing around the hand books of the communist I talked about how to do this back in 2017 Pelosi on CNN told them what were they were going to do two Republicans natakam on the in the media attack him at home attack them their friends wherever they are to make it their lives hell so they won’t run for office and or won’t win after Obama won the election on his first term they continue to attack Sarah Palin for the next 6 years attacked her family her friends and her so that she would not be able to come back again to run again. Our children are being indoctrinated in school from kindergarten all in the college but leftist and Democrats to hate Republicans when they get what they want a lot I’m going to wake up and say what the hell did we do and it’s going to be too late Trump is going to have to get a really large majority of the popular vote to win the next turn the Democrats are sabotaging it all the time. I know people will think I am nuts but I think we’re going into the end times quite soon. The last piece last piece of the puzzle for Christ is coming back what started when Trump recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The cashless Society is coming soon we will be using a card or having an implanted microchip why do they put in Pat in order to pay for things wants Trump is out the Democrats will reverse everything he did. Unemployment will go back up the dead will go farther up and we’re going to be in a world of crap. Obama did not have hyperinflation during his term because the Fed while we were printing about 78 billion dollars a month we’re also buying about 78 billion dollars in bonds that’s why Obama’s economy look so good. Is investigations into Trump we bought and paid for by Clinton and realness of the Obama Administration. The leftists and Democrats can’t articulate why they don’t like Trump if you ask them they shot you down and don’t talk to you about it if you question them they go after you and shut you down if you’re conservative or Christian you’re pretty much done. Fake news media don’t talk about things and that attack conservatives and Christians for anything. With lies and innuendo without any evidence. If Trump match to win the next turn at least things will slow down a little but it’s still going to turn bad after he’s out unless the Democrats start thinking about what they’re saying and doing. We have anti-semites in Congress who can say anything they want without worrying about punishment. If conservatives did what they are doing we’d be under the bus. I pray God and price that we have a little more time before things turn to poop. I pray for everyone to wake up and see what’s going on and think logically before we go belly-up.

  35. May GOD abundantly Bless Trump!!!
    He is working for the American people and for world peace.
    Donald is helping us fight against the ratical Democrats who want to take away our freedoms.
    Plus he is helping us fight against their false and crazy ideologies not to mention their strategies against healthy family values.

    Way to go DONALD TRUMP!!!
    Mr. and Mrs. Tanner : ) – TEACHER

  36. TRUMP 2020 ————————— ALLLLLLLL THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TRUMP 2020

    TRUMP 2020

    TRUMP 2020

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