I haven’t always felt this way about Democrats in general, even though I disagreed with their policies even back in the dark ages when I first started voting, but I have to say that the current crop of Democrats in Washington, D.C. disgust me.

This bunch of scumbags are, quite literally, trying to do any and every questionably moral and questionably legal thing that they can to prevent Republicans from ever getting power in any of the three branches of the Federal government again.

To be blunt: they don’t care if it’s legal, right, or fair, they are willing to cheat and change the rules to win again.

One of the big ways that they’re trying to make sure that they can always steal an election is through the voting bills that they’ve been trying to pass in order to make election fraud easy to do in future elections. Fortunately, for us, even the RINOs in the Senate grew a pair mustered up the courage to kill that Democrat bill. Jack Phillips writes,

Senate Republicans on Tuesday evening blocked a Democrat-backed election-related bill via the filibuster, potentially setting up a battle over the 60-vote legislative procedure.

Senators voted 50-50 in the equally divided upper chamber on advancing the “For the People Act,” a sweeping bill that would change U.S. voting laws. The bill was co-sponsored by every Democrat except Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who called it too partisan and proposed his own election-related bill, although Manchin ultimately voted to allow debate on the bill.

Manchin said earlier Tuesday that he would vote to approve the measure because he wanted the Senate to debate talks with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and “found common ground with my Democratic colleagues on a new version of the bill that ensures our elections are fair, accessible, and secure.”

During the Senate session, Vice President Kamala Harris presided over the vote. However, she wasn’t able to cast the tie-breaking vote as Republicans invoked the filibuster, which needs 60 votes to overcome.

Now, don’t think that Democrats aren’t going to continue to try to make vote fraud easier to do. After all, it’s one of their pet issues. Sure, they sell it to the media and to the public under the guise of helping poor, disenfranchised ethnic minorities in red states even though those same Democrats never criticize blue states for having even tougher election integrity laws, such as voter ID laws, than are currently passing in red states. In other words, those election integrity laws are only wrong in states that don’t already vote blue.

Seems kind of suspicious to me.



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