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Here’s what we know so far…

Recently on Fox Business, President Trump announced his plan to issue a statement within a few weeks about minimum wage. Trump got the attention of both Republicans and Democrats when he said that he feels differently from some members of his own party regarding the issue of minimum wage.

According to Breitbart, Fox Business’ Blake Burman asked, “I want to ask you about minimum wage. Because today, here in the District of Columbia, three other states as well, they are raising the minimum wage. The critics would say this is the wrong time to do that for businesses. Do you agree?”

Trump replied, “I’m going to have a statement on minimum wage. I feel differently than a lot of people on minimum wage, some people in my own party. But I’ll have a statement over the next two weeks on minimum wage.”

Adding, “I think I’m going to have a very positive statement on minimum wage.”

You can watch a clip of Trump’s interview here.

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  1. Personally, I don’t care what republicans think anymore they have no backbone they don’t go after dems or msm they just do nothing. Time for replacements!


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