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This will definitely work in Trump’s favor.

Former Trump White House chief of staff and Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus admitted that the key for President Donald Trump to defeat Biden in the upcoming election is to debate him publicly so all of American can see how unfit he is.

Priebus urged the Trump campaign to demand six debates against Biden.

According to Brietbart, “[Former DNC chairman] Terry McAuliffe is saying the obvious, which is less of Joe Biden is better. We’re just going to make the race about the incumbent,’ and that’s what you do when you are the challenger. But here’s the problem: He can’t hide forever. And my advice to the Trump campaign is to not accept the commission’s three-debate limit. I think the debates are going to be very important. I think the president is going to eat up Joe Biden in the debates.”

“I think they should say we want six debates, not three debates in September and October because of COVID and all the other restrictions, have as many late-game changes as you can while the economy is healing,” Priebus said. “And eventually, the American people will seek Donald Trump against a sort of an incoherent Joe Biden that can’t put three things together in a row. And so, the debates will make a big difference. My advice is blow up the three-debate commission limit and double it and go for that at the end of the campaign. They should focus on that like a laser beam.”

You can watch a clip of Priebus’ comments here.

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  1. BIDEN just needs to quit while he is head of a lost cause as he is. TRUMP,
    Will show BIDEN where the best did his best DROP in the Forest. BIDEN needs to stay in his Basement Bunker until it is ALL over and the President can start his SECOND TERM with a clear Mind and a clear Slate . There needs not to be no more that two Debates ! The President doesn’t have time for little boys and girls games . The Country is awhile for the real President to take charge on the eve of November 3 Election Day. And the President will HAPPILY SAY ! HONEY and the AMERICAN PEOPLE WE ARE HOME ONCE AGAIN . SLEEP TIGHT AMERICA.

  2. President Trump will eat biden for lunch. biden DOESN’T stand a chance against President Trump who is a President that has a strong backbone , is standing up for the U.S. BORN CITIZENS & is NOT a weak little pussy like obama was & still is or biden. President Trump DOESN’T Take no SHIT from anyone & that is the kind of President we need to run this country.


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