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He really let them have it.

Recently on Fox News, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) fired back at big corporations and said that the state of Georgia now required identification to vote the same way Major League Baseball, Delta Air Lines, and American Airlines require identification from their customers.

According to Breitbart, Roy stated, “It requires voter identification to be able to be used in voting. The same kind of [photo] identification, by the way, that Major League Baseball requires when you pick up tickets, whether it’s in Atlanta or, by the way, in Fenway Park in Boston or Yankee Stadium in New York. They have no problem with [photo] ID. Of course, neither does Delta Air Lines or American Airlines have a problem with [photo] ID.”

You can watch a clip of Roy’s comments here.

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  1. These lying SOBs it’s not about ids,
    It’s about voter suppression, because the GOP can no longer win in many areas if young people and people of color vote.
    It’s not political; it’s moral.
    I’m an old white man from a long line of GOP, and I’m ashamed of the racist un-American cesspool my onceGrand Old Party has become


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