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Here is what he had to say…

Recently on CNN’s “New Day,” former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci anticipated that Trump would not be the nominee of the Republican party for the 2020 presidential election.

Scaramucci stated, “President Trump will not be the nominee come November. He’ll be either out of office or make a declaration that he’s not running for re-election. Now you’re going to have an open system in terms of who’s going to be that nominee.”

He continued, “Two months from now, there’ll be an impeachment inquiry. He’ll be the third person to be impeached. Then you’re also seeing cracks in the foundation of the Republican establishment which generally dislike the guy. They’ll say good things about him right now because his supposed approval ratings in the Republican party are high. But I think those are superficial numbers.”

“As more of that information comes out, there’ll be a Goldwater, Howard Baker moment where they’re going to go to him saying, look. you got to leave,” he added. “Or maybe they can negotiate something with Speaker Pelosi where he can stay until the end of his term. He’s either leaving before the end of the term or not running for re-election. Okay? The level of illegality is so far and beyond what could be normal. This is still a country that’s a rule of law country.”



  1. Hey Fat Little Sackoffeces, your the type of INBRED who believes he knows it all, guess what Guido, in a very very short period of time you Will go off the rails and be DISBARRED.
    Have a Great Day.

    God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump, an American HERO.

  2. Hey, Anthony< you are a moron, a FUCKEN moron who had your 15 minutes of fame….you are an idiot, have no idea what you are saying…………Do you even have a job,? or are you trying to get more exposure…..stick your head back up your ass where it belongs and shut the hell up…you don't know what you are talking about………..

  3. The Mooch is just a bad as all the Democrats and the RINO’s he was such an Avid Supporter of President Trump until he wasn’t getting the Air Time anymore and then with a Flip of the Switch he’s on the TDS Train bad mouthing President Trump so once again he’s getting Air Time something he strives for he’s an Attention Whore and will obviously say whatever he thinks will get him Noticed!! Give it Up Mooch You’re a LOSER and Nobody cares what you have to say!!

  4. No one has come up with ANY illegal act that Trump has committed. Unless something big changes, he will not be convicted in the Senate, and, therefore, not removed from office.

  5. All you democrats and rhinos need to do is try to impeach our President. He has done nothing wrong while the democrats and rhinos are constantly breaking every law they can as well as the constitution. You will start a civil war.

    • Estell – rhinos are noble beasts, rinos – not so much.
      I will categorically state that if the mooch does turn out correct (possible but not very likely) that there is NO way that he will get the nomination, he ‘might’ be able to beat out mittens but I wouldn’t even bet on that.


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