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This is ridiculous.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Senator Pat Toomey (R- PA) told President Trump to accept the outcome to the recent election.

According to Breitbart, Toomey stated, “I think the president should accept the outcome of the election.”

Adding, “He had every right to challenge these votes, he had every right to recounts and to litigate. He has done all of those things in my state of Pennsylvania. He’s drawn conservative Republican judges who’ve dismissed these cases for a lack of any credible evidence.”

You can watch a clip of Toomey’s comments here.

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  1. what a loser I hope Toomey loses his job in the next election we all know the Democrats stole the election and if they get by with it now they will continue to do it

  2. Hey Pat, If was your election what would you say then? This was definitely blatant corruption and stealing a election is NOT OK so no Pat, Trump needs to hold tight cause this election was stolen. WE ARE WATCHING AND FIGHTING BACK TO PROVE WHAT HAPPENED AND AND GET THE ELECTION BACK.

    • Evidence of Dominion Machine corruption (being connected via an internal modem to foreign actors) where voter registration information was compromised—they knew it in Arizona on November 3, 2020; but hid it from the public—smells of conspiracy?

    • Doug – that is the most obvious and egregious act by judges (many unelected) and courts at all levels. They are abrogating their sworn Constitutional duty to serve. And they will likely get away with it since there is little to no recourse for us plain old ordinary people. After all, the supremes are supposed to be that final step but if they are too cowardly to carry out their sworn duty, what can we do/


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