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Here’s what happened…

Yesterday, former DNC Chairwoman and Fox News contributor Donna Brazile, in a fit of rage, told RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to “go to hell” for saying Democrats are secretly destroying Bernie Sanders’ 2020 chances.

Now according to the Washington Examiner, McDaniels has responded to Brazile’s disgusting attack, “It’s never fun to have your teenagers come home from school and say, ‘Hey mom, you’re trending on social media because some woman said you should go to heck.’ But that being said, politics is a contact sport, and you know, I think Donna was out of line with her response,” she said. “Of course, we all recognize that the Democrats did put the thumb on the scale for Hillary Clinton in 2016 because of Donna, because of the book that she wrote, she exposed that.”

Adding, “I felt very in my lane saying that this is happening. I don’t think it’s something that we can’t discuss, and I think her response was a little out of line and disproportionate to my comments earlier today.” You can read the full details of this story here.



  1. donna and her bunch didn’t simply put a thumb on the scale, they planted a ton of bricks on it. The way it looks now, they WILL do even worse this go round (little nanny warbucks has already pledged millions of dollars of support for slow joe) – not that I have the least bit of sympathy for bernz, but it is disingenuous at best for the dem PTB to try to claim some sort of moral imperative with the way they behave.

  2. Brazile Just proved that nothing has changed with her and she still is as corrupt as she was during the 2016 election when she was totally supporting Hillary Clinton and it was known nationwide what they were doing to backstab and circumvent Bernie Sanders. Brazile used to be a big part of CNN bur even that corrupt biased lying fake news network got rid of her when it was disclosed that she gave Hillary Clinton debate questions before a debate again totally trying to circumvent the election in behalf of Hillary Clinton. I’m surprised Fox is putting up with such disgusting behavior in which Brazile clearly believes she has a right to sit and scream at those with whom she doesn’t agree and to tell somebody to go to hell. She was fired by CNN and you’ve got to be Very low for them to do that and she certainly should be fired from Fox. She’s a bully who Believes that she is in control of everyone and every situation.

  3. When I seen that loser come up from behind Biden(Not that I like Communist Bernie Sanders)And stop Bernie sis I knew it would be ready from the night before that he would come up and stop his ass because the big money along with Google sell rigging the election let’s go brag about 70 million votes they rigged the last election was in the works. What makes me mad is nobody on the Republican side made any comment about how this guy came from behind and stopped on his ass which they know damn good and well how they are but they got their checks are there part of the problem that being that Republicans who said nothing about this fixed that was it!


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