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It’s about time someone said it.

Recently on Fox’s “Hannity,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) blasted China for not doing enough to stop the spread of coronavirus, and “still lying to the world.”

According to Breitbart, Cotton stated, “They’re not doing enough, Jason. China has engaged in rampant malpractice, dishonesty, and deceitfulness from the very beginning. If they hadn’t concealed the outbreak of this virus in early December from the World Health Organization and from their own people. They might not have only protected their own people more effectively, but prevented it from spreading so far around the world already. They are still lying to their own people. They are still lying to the world. They are responsible for the spread of this virus outside of their own borders. That’s one reason why we need to take a new look, once again, at our entire relationship with China, in particular, the relationship we have in trade, where we have so many of our medical devices and equipment, or even basic pharmaceuticals manufactured in China.”

You can watch a clip of Cotton’s statement here.



  1. China’s economy been in the Tank for a least 6 months to a year an the virus has to ! Virus got out of containment in December they say? The Democratic Party or the media has done nothing to help except put everyone in panic mode ! Might as well com down an work together ! Start praying to God for a cure !

    • Charles, the Dems hate so much that unfortunately I think deep down they hope for a calamity in this country in the hopes that it will impact Trump’s reelection.


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