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Liberals are mad that the truth is being spoken.

Recently on Fox, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) knocked down exaggerated claims by the mainstream media of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s expert negotiating abilities.

According to Breitbart, Stefanik knocked Pelosi and said, “Nancy Pelosi has politicized her entire time as speaker of the House. The unifying belief of all Democrats is their hatred of President Trump. You know, I’ve been very frustrated as we’ve watched the mainstream media talk about her as a master negotiator when she continues to walk away, not just from negotiations, but from the American people.’

“We see her politicizing as she calls us back from our district where we are all working hard, helping our communities through COVID,” Stefanik added. “So I’ve been very frustrated with how political and partisan she’s been, particularly in the COVID relief space where they walked away from three different offers provided by Senate Republicans.”

You can watch a clip of Stefanik’s comments here.



  1. Nancy Pelosi is a crime boss just like her father. She uses her office for her benefit not for the people in her district. So corrupt and disgusting. An old woman who needs to put out to pasture with the way she chews her tongue. A unamerican mafia queen.


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