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You won’t believe why!

Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger had a bone to pick with President Trump after apparently not liking how he treated some of his supporters.

According to the Washington Examiner, Kinzinger knocked Trump for celebrating Jeff Sessions’ loss in Alabama yesterday.

Jeff was the first elected official to support you. Seems loyalty is expected from you but not granted,” Kinzinger tweeted.

You can read the full details of this story here.

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  1. Sessions did nothing for the president but hide. He was nothing but a coward. Other Republican whinning, shut up old man. Just what you done for the American people? Other rino living off taxpayers money.

  2. Well, Kinzinger, Sessions caused a boatload of trouble for our President…He rolled over and played “dead”…WE NEEDED HELP THEN! That’s when he should have stood up and defended our President…

  3. Jeff Sessions was the perfect example of Peter’s Principle and his lack of informing President Trump of his plan to recuse himself before taking the job was really boneheaded. Jeff made a lot of mistakes. He has been on the government payroll his whole life (state followed by federal). At 73 years old, he just needs to pull up the rockin’ chair and enjoy retirement.


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