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Here’s what he said…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blew off a question about closed-door impeachment proceedings, opting instead to tout progress on the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA).

“On the USMCA you just said a short time ago that you are making progress every day. Leader McConnell has charged in recent days, as has the president, that ‘Speaker Pelosi is still blocking the USMCA because Democrats’ impeachment obsession is blocking urgent work for Americans.’”

“What is happening behind closed doors?” Durkin continued. “Are there ways for Democrats to better convey good faith progress to prevent Republican leaders and the president from charging you are trying to block this?”

Pelosi waved to the other seated reporters in the room, asking, “Anybody else want to put the Republican talking points on the table? We can get rid of all of them at once.”

She then ignored Durkin’s question about transparency and instead addressed the progress on the USMCA alone, “In response to your question rather than their misrepresentations.”

“I can honestly say I think every day we’re becoming closer,” Pelosi continued, “The meeting yesterday with the trade representative, with some of our task force, I think they will meet again later today. Perhaps at one more time and then we should just see. The issue is do we have enforcement. So the people who are saying that don’t know what they’re talking about or have a different agenda they want to present but we feel very good about being on the path here. We aren’t there yet because we don’t have the enforceability assurance that we need to have. While we have some good things in the bill, it is only a list of good things unless it can be enforced.”



    • It is time for the American people to stand up and speak out, we are 300 million strong and we sit like a bunch of idiots and let 235 democrats in the House of Representatives operate in secret like they do in communist countries in attempt to impeach the President while getting nothing else done!

      Not passing the USMCA is hurting the farmers more than the trade war with China ever did and for Pelosi to say the things in the agreement that she doesn’t even describe are not enforceable is a crock! If all three countries sign the agreement, that means they accept the terms of the agreement and it makes the agreement 100% enforceable and t makes Nancy Pelosi 100% full of shit!

      I live in Indiana and I send messages to my Representative and both of my Senators, all Republicans every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and demand that they do there job and in this case their job is to blast the living hell out of Nancy Pelosi and the crooked democrats!

  1. Pelosi is not only dishonest and corrupt she has absolutely no humanity and decency in her. She better buckle up her day of reckoning is at hand.

  2. Nancy and her side kicks Schumer, Schiff, Nadler all need to go. They are not doing anything good for our country. Only one goal to remove a sitting president becaus he is showing them all up for the corrupt bunch they truly are. Americans ought to know by now the Democrats are trying to regain control of the WH, Senate and Congress so we do not have a vote. They will change this country to a socialist govt. and we Americans will suffer big time.

  3. Enforcement lacking’? It’s a trade deal and not a regulatory ENFORCEMENT DEAL> Pelosi is lying through her teeth. She is just upset she doesn’t have enough ‘Quid Pro Quo’ kickbacks in place. She isn’t going to ever allow legislation to move forward while Dems control the House… period. 2020 makes the difference for Republicans only if they realize Pelosi will be voted out by the Socialists elected in 2020 Democrat primaries in deep blue districts aided by Sor0s, Then, we have real problems that can never be solved as to any Trade Deal.


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