Railroaders Suffer the Consequences of Biden’s Latest Blunder, That Will Leave You Speechless

Alec Lace, a railroad worker, accused the Biden administration of neglecting the needs of American railroaders. The worker slammed the White House for prioritizing infrastructure projects overseas instead of investing in domestic infrastructure.

Lace expressed his disappointment with the president’s rejection of a package that would have given the railroaders seven days of sick pay. He also criticized the slow pace of technology innovation within the American railroad system and reiterated the need to prioritize domestic infrastructure projects.

The White House officials met with Saudi Arabian leaders over the weekend to discuss a railway project that would strengthen trade ties between the Middle East, India, and the rest of the world. However, Lace suggested that investing in domestic infrastructure projects should be the priority before expanding overseas.

The Biden administration needs to take responsibility for neglecting the needs of American railroaders and invest in domestic infrastructure projects. The slow pace of technology innovation and lack of sick pay is unacceptable, and it’s time for the president to prioritize the needs of his citizens.

Source Fox News