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They need to listen very carefully.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) warned any Republican Senators who were thinking of breaking with President Trump during his impeachment trial not to or they could face serious “political repercussions”.

According to the Daily Wire, in an interview with CBS, Meadows was asked “Do you think Republican senators face political repercussions if they break with the president?” Norah O’Donnell asked.

“Yeah, I do,” Meadows replied. “I mean, listen, I don’t wanna speak for my Senate colleagues. But there are always political repercussions for every vote you take. There is no vote that is higher-profile than this.”


You can read the full details of this story here.



  1. What ALL true conservative (spineless ?) Republicans need to realize is, that, one of the main reasons why, it so appears, that most all of them treasonous democrat cowards in the US Congress have always been able and, or, continue to get away – unfettered and unpunished – with so much crap, their known crimes and their evil lies, their corrupt, shameless thievery, their most immoral and filthy of ways, for well over the past 3+ years, is, but only due to the fact that, them crooked conniving democrats know all too well that, there really isn’t much of a real tight bond, solidarity and or trust – much less, unity – within, and amongst ALL of the members of the GOP. Them rabid dems know all too well about the GOP’s “weak link” and, that, whenever it suits them best, they can always cause or come up with some sort of “wise ruse” and, immediately after, have them imbecile backstabbing rinos jump on their side. A very “clever” strategy on the part of them always deceitful democrats .. masters of the lie. The bottom line is, that, it is time for ALL of the GOP members to get their act TOGETHER and start working as one – literally – exactly in about the same way that them cheating democrat frauds have always worked .. minus the lying, the cheating, the stealing and their treasonous character. The members of democrats’ party of today ARE NOT morally fit to govern in any sector of our Constitutional Republic.

  2. It’s time for the spineless little whimps in the GOP to stand up and STAND TOGETHER behind the President. The only reason anything is still getting done is President Trump has to change all their diapers because no one is WORKING WITH HIM, they all just stand back and watch the BEST President ever do all the work that is getting done. GROW A PAIR and side with the President for once or get the PHUC out of DC, We are tired of spineless little whimps. You had all 3 Sections, The Congress, The Senate and the Presidency and you DID NOTHING.


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