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Previously failed Democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) declared his candidacy for president recently — and immediately resorted to a barrage of attacks directed toward President Trump.

“Hi, I’m Bernie Sanders. I’m running for president,” Sanders begins, managing to produce the only real hint of a smile in the ten-minute announcement video, which features him running through his key talking points from his failed 2016 run and denouncing the sitting president as a pathologically lying racist, sexist, xenophobe, and tryant.

“You know as well as I do that we are living in a pivotal and dangerous moment in American history,” says Sanders, about 4 minutes into his announcement. “We are running against a president who is a pathological liar, a fraud, a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe, and someone who is undermining American democracy as he leads us in an authoritarian direction.”

Sanders, of course, doesn’t provide any evidence to back up his brutal description of Trump; instead, after denouncing the democratically elected president, whom nearly half of the country currently supports, he moves on to declaring that he’s the right guy for the job because he is someone who can “bring us together.”

“I am running for president because now more than ever we need leadership that brings us together, not divides us up,” Sanders asserts.

The senator calls for 1 million volunteers to join his campaign to help him supposedly bring about social and economic justice and end racism, sexism, bigotry, and everything else he says Trump embodies.

In an interview with VPR’s Bob Kinzel ahead of the release of his video, Sanders reiterated his open disdain for the duly elected president.

“I think the current occupant of the White House is an embarrassment to our country,” he said. “I think he is a pathological liar … I also think he is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, somebody who is gaining cheap political points by trying to pick on minorities, often undocumented immigrants.”

But, unlike Trump, the senator assured Vermont voters, he will be someone they can be “proud of.”

“What I promise to do is, as I go around the country, is to take the values that all of us in Vermont are proud of — a belief in justice, in community, in grassroots politics, in town meetings — that’s what I’m going to carry all over this country,” Sanders told Kinzel.

Asked by Kinzel how he, a 77-year-old white guy, could be “the face of the new Democratic Party,” Sanders said, “We have got to look at candidates, you know, not by the color of their skin, not by their sexual orientation or their gender and not by their age.”

“I mean, I think we have got to try to move us toward a non-discriminatory society which looks at people based on their abilities, based on what they stand for,” he added, a statement that flies in the face of the “intersectional” views the “new Democratic Party” he wants to lead now fully embraces.

Among his promises are many of the radical left dreams promoted by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal”: universal health care, a liveable wage for everyone, and social justice through economic justice.




  1. Is this nut job for real, nothing but a scumbag who want to take everything we’be worked for and give it away, why don’t we start with you old man, give up your home’s and cars, take a reduced salary, guess NOT Giving our money Illegals is not what I want


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