What do you call someone who looks good and sounds good when reading from a teleprompter but who has really stupid ideas and keeps getting busted for completely screwing up? A B-list celebrity? That’s a good guess, and it gets you into the right U.S. state, but, in this case, no, that’s not the answer.

The answer is that it gets you to be governor of California (being related to Nancy Pelosi probably didn’t hurt those chances, either)!

It’s true, Gavin Newsom is a pretty boy. Perfectly coiffed hair, nice suits, straight teeth. He could be a movie star. Unfortunately, for the people of California, he took that ability to look pretty without actually doing anything intelligent with it and went into politics instead.

Now, he’s pulled a Joe Biden by putting his foot in his mouth by trying to play both sides of the vaccine passport fence. Zachary Stieber writes,

California is developing a COVID-19 vaccine verification system that will enable people who have gotten a jab to show proof of the shot to businesses, Gov. Gavin Newsom says.

“We’ll be doing something that provides you the opportunity, and we’ll announce this later this week, to have an electronic version of your paper version of vaccination,” the Democrat told reporters on Monday.

“It’s not a passport. It’s not a requirement. It’s just the ability now to have an electronic version of that paper version,” he said. “You’ll hear more about that in the next couple days.”

The state transitioned to an updated mask mandate on June 15. Masks are still required in some settings, such as in schools. Additionally, unvaccinated people must wear masks in restaurants and other public indoor settings.

Business operators were told that they can provide information to customers and nothing further, implement “vaccine verification” to determine which people must wear a mask, or require all patrons to wear a mask.

So, it’s not a passport, but it’s a way to prove that you’ve been vaccinated in exactly the same way and for exactly the same reason that a person might want to get a vaccine passport: to prove that they’ve been vaccinated so that leftist nut jobs will leave them alone. Those are totally not the same thing, right?

How stupid does Newsom think that the people of California are to think that just because he says that it isn’t a vaccine passport, then it isn’t a vaccine passport?

What’s even more ridiculous about this whole situation is that the mainstream media will just play along and let Newsom get away with his hypocrisy. Unbelievable.




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