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They better listen closely.

During a recent sit down with Fox’s Sean Hannity, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo raised concern about countries like China and others not being honest about COVID-19/coronavirus data.

According to Breitbart, Pompeo stated, “President Trump and I have been committed to making sure that we had the best data available. When you hear Drs. Fauci and Birx talk about risk, talk about fatalities, trying to think about how to model what they need is data. They need data from Italy. They need data from China. They need data from Iran. We need every country to step up and provide accurate, transparent information. And if we can’t have that, if we have disinformation instead, there are more lives that will be at risk not only today but in the weeks ahead as we battle this enormous challenge.”

“We’ve asked every country to step up, tell us what they know so that the world can learn,” Pompeo said. “America will then turn around, and we will share the information we get. And we’ll keep people safe not only here in the United States but all across the world.”

“What we’ve been looking for here all along is we simply want to make sure we understand what’s happened so that we can prevent the loss of life moving forward,” Pompeo said. “We’re looking to cooperate with every country. We’d love to cooperate with the Chinese as well to get the right information so that we can do all that’s needed to find therapeutics, to find the vaccine, to do everything we can to reduce the risk that there will be more lives lost as the world moves forward.” You can watch a clip of Pompeo’s comments here.



  1. GOD Bless U.S.! I’m actually worried and we only have 330 people with the virus, so far. I live in Costa Rica. Traffic is way down. I went out today with a mask to buy food and believe it or not, toilette paper. I’m in quarantine with my husband, 3 Great Danes, 2 Poodles and 2 cats.

  2. The Chinese Virus Started in The Labs of The Tech City WuHan. The Virus Escaped From The Lab, That is why The Doctors Are DeaD There. That is Also Why China Waited Two Months Before Telling The World. Scientist Around The World Agree on This. Do Not Believe It Started From Eating Wildlife.


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