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She better get ready for what comes next.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently ridiculed the GOP for their “growing wrath at Rep. Liz Cheney” and posted a sarcastic help-wanted ad.

The post to her bog was titled “From the GOP Leadership: Help Wanted ― Non-Threatening Female” and it said, “Word is out that House GOP Leaders are looking to push Rep. Liz Cheney from her post as House Republican Conference Chair ― their most senior woman in GOP leadership ― for a litany of very Republican reasons: she won’t lieshe isn’t humble enoughshe’s like a girlfriend rooting for the wrong team, and more.”

“So what exactly are House GOP Leaders looking for in a #3? Punchbowl AM got the scoop and, well, it’s not surprising… they want a woman who isn’t a ‘threat’ to them.”

She has gone out of line. Read the rest of the article here.

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  1. PELOSI!
    I guess Joe Biden And Andrew (SONNY CORLEONE) Cuomo are
    EXCUSED from ME TOO policies and ladies who expose a Sexual attacker???
    There are only 10 ladies in Cuomo’s case! I guess you and the DEMIs believe
    they are all lying????
    YOU Witches& Bitches of ME TOO are all PHONIES!!!!


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