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With the ongoing crisis at the southern border, how could she even come up with this…

Recently, on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) argued Americans place as leader of the world was dependent on immigration.

Pelosi said, “We always have to be optimistic and positive because what they did was so monumental and enables us to have are our debates and differences of opinion. But we do have to remember the values that freedom isn’t free. So, and part of that freedom is who we are as Americans. And who we are as Americans no one said it better than Ronald Reagan; Ronald Reagan had the biggest voice for welcoming people to our country and that we cannot close the door or else we won’t be the country that leads the world.”

Pelosi clearly doesn’t know that America is a world power because of American citizens. America is not a sanctuary where any illegal, rapist, pedophile, terrorist, and killer can enter our great nation.



  1. Nancy Pelosi is WRONG. America can’t handle the immigrants we have now. The immigrants will take jobs away from America citizens. Then the immigrants will be robbing middle class neighborhoods!

    • We could probably absorb more LEGAL immigrants – that isn’t the problem – all those that are sneaking in ILLEGALLY are. And yet ‘princess’ has no problem calling the coppers on any who dare to plop down on her land.


    • Does she not realize that this will be America’s downfall? Is she so ignorant that she doesn’t realize that if America fails, she’s done too? Or is she so set on ruining Trump that she’ll do anything to make it hard on him. Trump derangement syndrome is killing her and most of the democratic party. We can’t take care of that many immigrants and she certainly won’t.

    • Pelosi doesn’t care. I doubt she has a sane mind. everyone thinks Biden is in decline, well Pelosi has acted in decline for years. Her picture without Botox and in a natural state got out a few days ago and she looks 90, wonder if they have her correct age.

  2. This fucking bitch has shit for brains. What a dumb ass cunt. She should go stick her head in a toilet where it belongs. Democrats eat shit.

  3. Polosi is a SKANK in heels
    Schummer is a panty wearing ASSHOLE.

    adam Shit is just that, full of shit. All of the dems party are mentally deranged.

  4. Misleading people by using a quote by Regan is par for the course for this lier Regan Never encouraged Illegal Immigration – He was talking about legal immigrants coming to this country with the intentions of becoming American Citizens and assimilating into our society as productive law abiding tax paying citizens!
    Not to take all they can get, drain our resources then send those funds back to their country of origin to which they still give their allegiance!

    Either she is lying or she is trying to fool people to dumb to read beyond the headline or look for context to her misleading quotes. She is shameful and wants all the illegals for potential votes, they will make them dependent on govt handouts like the Dems did to the Blacks back in the 60s, put them on welfare, give them housing, make sure fathers have to be outside the home to keep their freebies perpetuating generational dependency and then every four years make sure they remind them how they NEED the Dems to keep the handouts. The Latinos will be held back by these Racist “compassionate) Dems who will hold them for generations to maintain the Dem parties power.
    Watch out Latinos, you are the next group to be exploited, used, and then taken for granted by this evil group of people. Not all Dems are this evil, but their leaders surely are.
    Use your own brains, look up what the Dem party stands for :
    Abortion, even up to the point of birth, and paid for by taxpayers – that may be you! Republicans oppose, yes many of us believe in a womans right to choose, but up to a point- viability.
    Dependency on govt. for your money- welfare, housing, food stamps, at the cost of your family unity- Rep. = teaching your children to have pride in your work to move ahead, keeping families including fathers together, and working hard to build your own future, business/career to pay your own way.
    Dems- Non-citizens are of more value and importance then US Citizens i.e. taxpayers- one day you may be a citizen too, will you be as important then? Republicans= all US citizens are equal and have the same rights and we believe in equal opportunity but not a guarantee of equal achievement- that depends on your hard work.
    Dems are as tribal as they come, they will separate you by race, religion, economic status, gender, and sexual orientation in the name of diversity when in reality it is a way of dividing and maintaining control by making you believe you are a victim! Then convincing you only through them can you gain the social justice i.e. handout you deserve. Republicans see all citizens as Americans and want all to be treated the same, not separated by past issues and misdeeds of people that lived hundreds of years ago.
    Dems= get God out of the public sphere- even out of DNC opening non-prayer. and make even the little sisters of the poor have to close their doors if they will not defy their religious beliefs and do as the Dems do. No God in schools, govt buildings, even in public discourse. many are atheist.
    Most Republicans believe in God in some form and belief in freedom of Religion – All Religion!

    Think about it Latinos in America legal and otherwise, and ask yourselves if the Democratic party is truly in line with your values, morals, beliefs, and desires for your future?!

  5. What she says makes little sense as usual. Of course we are a nation of immigrants, LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, yes I am shouting to try to get through to the dim wit left in this country. I think they have to know they are taking anti American positions on most issues, but they do not care. Our former president admitted he was trying to destroy the country. That was his goal.

  6. I have had enough of Pelosi’s mental games she likes to play —– She needs to be censored or arrested. . Start with her and the others will watch their tune.

  7. Pelosi along with the rest of her Democratic gang must be forced to go to the border, which is something they have refused to do, and get a first hand look at the crisis they created and for which they are responsible. Pelosi continues to prove that she has no clue what is going on nor does she care. Clearly she along with the rest of her gang of anti-American Democratics must be removed from office now. She continues to put the US and American people in jeopardy. Wake up America. How much longer are we the people going to allow this invasion at our borders which is all created and supported by Pelosi and the Dems.

  8. While I have no degrees in mental health I honestly do believe that Pelosi’s mind is slipping. She no longer has any political ability. She seems to be following Barack Obama’s “lead from behind” attitude and depends upon other members to “decide” issues. Of course the older members who have been “chummy” with her in the past will give her backing and those older members will put pressure on the juniors to follow suit. A dangerous situation indeed.

  9. Does she not realize that if America fails, she’s done? Or is the fall of America the plan? Trump derangement syndrome has ruined the democrat party that is in turn trying to ruin America. Time to put a stop to it.

  10. Trump derangement syndrome has ruined the democrat party and in turn it is trying to ruin America. Is Nancy so far gone that she can’t see that if America fails, she’s done, too? This picture looks as if the witch is casting a spell on us. I’m sure she wishes that she had that power!!!

  11. Pelosi is either demented or a traitor to want to bring more immigrants into our country that are nothing but a burden to our tax payers. They are mostly of low education lever, have no skills and do not speak English.

    Also many criminals are in the groups. Also they bring many illnesses with them

  12. And pelosi needs to be arrested for sedition. She is one very sick person. I don’t think she has any brains left in that head of hers.!!!!!

  13. pPELOSI—— go to blazes you sob. You deserve nothing. Your working for the cabal—globalist and not the American people. Your finished. Go back to your bug infested Calif and try and clean up that mess with all the illegals there Well you wanted them and go and see what you can screw up there.!

  14. Pelosi has finally gone over the edge. At 80 yrs old she makes no sense when she talks because it is all about destroying Trump. The Dems think of nothing else but destroying him. I would be very careful around any democrat with food or position when outside. Pelosi is just that crazed. Her world dont make sense. She has done just about everything but prostrate herself to win. She is a very sick, mentally sick woman. All this with Trump has driven some very weak Dems over the edge. we all knew Schitty Schiff was crazy. we saw that with the impeachment last year. He writes his own crime and then tries to get people to testify to what Schiff says happen. 2 service members lost their rank and are no longer in the service. It is unbelievable that a group of people can become so obsessed they lose their freaking minds. They will sell their own first born to get rid of Trump.


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